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The nonprofit Regenerative Medicine Development Organization in Winston-Salem and Cary-based analytics company SAS are joining forces to improve advanced manufacturing for regenerative medicine applications.
Durham-based medical device company 410 Medical has closed on a $6.3 million round of venture capital.
Oerth Bio of Durham and Yara International of Norway are teaming up to promote technology they believe will help farmers around the world deal with climate change – and help us all continue to eat.
Sheila Mikhail, CEO and co-founder of AskBio, and Marcia Eisenberg, Ph.D., senior vice president and chief scientific officer at the Labcorp, comprise 10% of the total class of "Fiercest Women in Life Sciences 2022."
Ten63 says its unique search algorithms can search through nearly 19.5 million compounds per second, or roughly the same number of compounds explored experimentally in the history of humanity.
The North Carolina Biotechnology Center awarded 23 grants and loans totaling over $1.4 million to bioscience companies, universities and nonprofit organizations in the first quarter of its fiscal year.
Nancy Johnston, executive director of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Piedmont Triad Office, has been recognized as a “Power Player” by Triad Business Journal.
Gerry Hancock, NCBiotech's original board chair, served two terms in the State Senate and co-chaired the General Assembly’s Legislative Commission on Biotechnology. He was recently honored with a Peabody Award.
Durham-based BioSkryb Genomics has signed with Cooper Genomics to license BioSkryb’s proprietary genomic amplification technology for genetic testing of embryos prior to implantation in women seeking to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization.
Michele Chang, the U.S. EDA’s deputy assistant secretary for policy, liked what she saw as she led a contingent to North Carolina’s Research Triangle area to review how partners were doing on their $25 million grant plans.
The EPA has approved RTP-based AgBiome’s new combination fungicide to treat foliar diseases, Esendo.
Seqirus, a global vaccine maker with a newly expanded manufacturing plant in Holly Springs, has signed a $30.1 million federal contract to produce a potential vaccine against avian flu.
Durham-based biotechnology startup Tavros Therapeutics will partner with Bayer AG subsidiary Vividion Therapeutics to find new targets and treatments for cancer.
PPD, the Wilmington-based clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific, has been awarded a 10-year NCI contract to support cancer clinical trials.
Durham-based Praetego, a pharmaceutical company focused on treating neurodegenerative diseases related to aging, has received a $2.5 millionNIH grant to advance its lead drug candidate against Alzheimer’s disease.
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