Transforming Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

In modern medicine, however, medical devices and diagnostics are continuously evolving. So they may stand completely independent of one another.

There are companies in North Carolina creating everything from nano-scale medical devices to large robotic systems that help surgeons make big changes through small incisions. In addition, the state offers an array of diagnostic capabilities, from on-farm testing for early mastitis to rapid and efficient cancer and digestive disease detection for humans.

Diagnostic tools and advanced medical devices are not subject to the same regulatory hurdles as therapeutics. As a result, their developers are likely to be attractive to investors. This contributes tens of millions of dollars to North Carolina's economy each year.

North Carolina's Leading Device and Diagnostic Companies



Burlington-based Labcorp is a global life sciences company built on laboratory diagnostic testing and pioneering technologies as well as genetic analysis of diseases such as cancer, HIV, and cystic fibrosis. Now Labcorp employs more than 75,000 people worldwide and earned net revenues of nearly $14.9 billion in 2022.


bioMérieux develops in vitro products to diagnose infectious diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular disease and to detect microorganisms in agri-foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Founded in 1963, the company has 1,000 employees in Durham and 13,000 employees worldwide.

Medical Murray

Medical Murray designs, develops and produces medical devices.  The company's 35,000 sq. ft. Charlotte site supports all phases of medical device development and manufacturing. The company has both pilot production and full-scale manufacturing capacity for components, subassemblies, and finished medical devices. 

Asensus Surgical

Asensus Surgical is a Research Triangle Park-based medical device company that is digitizing the interface between surgeons and patients for minimally invasive surgery. The company was founded in 2006, by Synecor, a Chapel Hill business accelerator that spun out of Duke University in 2001 to commercialize medical device inventions. The company has approvals for various technologies in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and other geographies.

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There are 160+ companies working in the device and diagnostic space in North Carolina.

Medical Murray
Asensus Surgical
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