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Ag tech pioneers Calyxt and Cibus have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which they will merge in an all-stock transaction.
RTP-based medical device company Asensus says the expansion of machine vision capabilities to its previously cleared Senhance ISU has just received CE Mark, a European Union regulatory approval for medical devices.
Global pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is investing another $450 million and adding at least 100 jobs in an expansion of its nearly completed $474 million Research Triangle Park pharmaceutical manufacturing campus.
Durham pharmaceutical company Eppin Pharma has secured an investment of up to $800,000 from the Male Contraceptive Initiative, a national nonprofit also based in Durham, to help initiate clinical trials for its male birth-control pill.
Oerth Bio, an agricultural biotechnology company in downtown Durham, and Bayer, a global enterprise focused on health care and nutrition, announce a new collaboration and celebrate Oerth’s facilities expansion.
Imagine receiving a COVID-19 vaccine not from the jab of a needle and syringe but by slipping a thin, clear film smaller than a postage stamp inside your cheek or under your tongue and letting it dissolve.
RTP-based Pathalys Pharma has secured $150 million in new financing to support Phase 3 clinical trials for its leading drug candidate to treat end-stage kidney disease.
RTP-based Innatrix is seeking more funding to help it develop its environmentally friendly technology using peptides as a targeted way of controlling agricultural diseases and pests that can devastate crops.
Paris-based Cellectis has successfully dosed its first U.S. patient with its UCART22 allogeneic CAR T-cell therapy product candidate that it made in its new Raleigh facility.
Boone-based MOLTOX gets International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015 certification.
There'll be job info galore at the free public Biomanufacturing and Process Development BioGrow Training and Education Symposium on Thursday, Feb. 9, from 12:30 to 5 p.m. at NCBiotech.
Target RWE, a Durham-based clinical analytics company, has launched 35 new observational disease-state registries to support decision-making in health care.
Chaseman Global, an international life sciences executive recruitment company, opened a regional office today at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Landing Pad rental office site.
RTP-based AskBio has signed a multi-year research collaboration and option agreement with Bay-area firm ReCode Therapeutics to develop gene-editing technology for driving new precision therapies.
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