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MOVE to Launch Your Next Career in the Life Sciences

Maybe you haven’t made the connection, but we have. Your military experience has prepared you for a fulfilling career in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

NCBiotech’s Military Outreach & Veterans Engagement (MOVE) initiative helps raise awareness of career opportunities and delivers training programs that enhance skills developed during military service.

Discipline, integrity, leadership, adaptability, and attention to detail are shared values between experienced military personnel and life sciences professionals. Whether you are a former Airman, Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Coast Guardsman, your experience can land you a new career in the life sciences.

In the life sciences community, we share a common drive: compassion to serve. If you are a Military Veteran, Service Member in Transition, or Military Spouse, we invite you to explore our portal and start your pathway to your next rewarding career in the life sciences.

The BioWork Military Internship Program will connect you with hiring companies upon completion of BioWork. Complete the application to learn more.

Thank you for your service.


Learn more about how your military experience can help you land a new career in the life sciences.

Veterans in Biopharma

These stories and quotes from program participants, industry partners, and military members who have entered into the biopharma manufacturing sector highlight the reward that comes with working in the life science industry.

Nathaniel Crump

“As you prepare to transition out of the military and consider your career goals in the civilian sector, step outside of your comfort zone. The soft skills you acquired while in the service, including problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure, are greatly valued. Had I stayed in my comfort zone, I wouldn’t have ended up in the pharmaceutical industry working as a Bioprocess Technician IV at Pfizer.

A few months after separating from the service, I did a little research and enrolled in a BioWork course through Central Carolina Community College. The course is only a few weeks long and provided the foundation I needed to pursue a career in Biopharma manufacturing. 

Nathaniel T. Crump, former 13J, Fire Direction Specialist
Bioprocess Technician IV with Pfizer

Pfizer saw the value of my military training and experience and understood how the skills I had gained through my years of training and military experience would transfer in to their operation.

Craig Hardy, Navy Veteran, Senior Maintenance Manager, Pfizer

Believe in yourself and bring forth the mindset that you possessed in the military, such as “adapt and overcome.” The ability to help others by transforming or improving the quality of life for patients and families is the biggest reward one could ask for. 

Marine Veteran Charles Marsh, manufacturing specialist, Novartis Gene Therapies

Jose Resto

Jose Resto retired from his 22-year Army career on May 1, 2021 and he was ready for a new challenge. On August 30, he became a full-time Pfizer employee, converting his military experience in warehouse operations into a satisfying new career opportunity.

Thanks to a partnership between the U.S. Army’s Soldier for Life transition assistance program and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Resto received the life sciences training needed to transfer his warehouse management skills into a similar position at Pfizer.

Learn more about Jose's story


Army Vet Parlays College, Military Experiences into Her Dream Job … in Biotech

After a seven-year stint in the Army Diane moved to Raeford, N.C. in early 2011. She has walked a winding career path that eventually led her to Johnston Community College and its BioWork certificate program.

Today, Zambrano is a government contracting specialist at global healthcare company Grifols in Research Triangle Park, where she is part of the government pricing team. She credits the JCC staff with putting her on the path to a career in the biopharma industry.

Learn more about Diane's story

Biowork Trainees

Transitioning Military Members into Advanced Manufacturing

Active U.S. Air Force service member Terra Trujillo participated in the Military Service Members in Biopharma Manufacturing BioWork training cohort to learn new skills and prepare for a transition into biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Terra’s hard work and training paid off when she landed a contractor position at Pfizer in Sanford, NC. She has moved into the Engineering Systems Administrator role and updates and maintains extensive records across training requirements and its platform.

Learn more about Terra's story

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Programs & Announcements

Veterans Upward Bound

Veterans Upward Bound is designed to assist veterans in the development of academic and other requisite skills necessary for acceptance and success in a program of postsecondary education. The program provides assessment and enhancement of basic skills through counseling, mentoring, tutoring and academic instruction in the core subject areas.

The Veterans Upward Bound program is led by Central Carolina Community College and is designed to support Veterans residing in the following North Carolina counties:

  • Lee County
  • Harnett County
  • Chatham County
  • Johnston County
  • Wake County

Become A Mentor with Veterati

Are you passionate about sharing your industry expertise? Have you thought about utilizing that knowledge to mentor a Veteran, Transitioning Service Member, or Military Spouse?

If you answered yes, consider becoming a mentor with Veterati. Whether you are a civilian or Veteran working in the life sciences sector, you possess critical knowledge valued by mentees exploring their next career path. Visit the website below to learn how you can put your passion to good use.

North Carolina Workforce Development

Transformation Talks Episode 4

As North Carolina’s life sciences community grows, a key concern is having enough qualified workers to fill positions requiring specialized skills. NCBiotech is tackling this issue with new programs focused on providing veterans and high school students with career pathways to pharma/biomanufacturing. These programs strive to match highly qualified veterans and students with unfilled positions at the state’s pharma and biopharma companies.

Note: This podcast was recorded in early March 2020. NCBiotech remains committed to ensuring a qualified pharma/biomanufacturing workforce given its importance in addressing the challenges brought on by the COVID19 pandemic and other significant human health needs.

Bio Jobs Hub header

Bio Jobs Hub

The Bio Jobs Hub is a resource for those interested in learning about a career in the life sciences.

In addition to learning about transferable skills, you can explore job descriptions and salary ranges, find local training, and hear first-hand successes from those in the industry.


Skills and Experience Built for Your Next Opportunity

As you close your military chapter and explore your next path, we hope you'll stay in North Carolina and consider a life science career. Careers in the life sciences offer excellent pay and beneits, personal and professional growth potential, and a great way to continue your commitment to service with a purpose. These careers save lives and deliver a better quality of life at home, and across the globe.

Your military experience and training have prepared you for roles in these business categories. As you explore your next career move, take a look at the following sampling of positions found in many North Carolina biopharma manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing operations

  • Manufacturing technicians
  • Production schedulers
  • Sampling technicians
  • Production leads and supervisor roles

Warehouse operations

Distribution and packaging operations

Engineering and facilities operations

  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Utilities / HVAC / Process
  • Refrigeration
  • Water / Waste / Wifi Systems
  • Instrumentation and Calibration
  • Electricians
  • Environmental Health and Safety

Supply chain logistics

  • Production and Materials Planning
  • Vendor Management / Buyers

Information Technology


Training Opportunities Close to Home

The following community colleges offer life science degrees and continued education training, all in close proximity to North Carolina's military bases. Veterans, transitioning service members, Reserves, and military spouses are encouraged to explore available program offerings to support your continued academic interests.

Central Carolina Community College

Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) offers multiple short-term certification curriculums in Chatham, Harnett, and Lee counties, as well as some online formats.

Learn More

Fayetteville Community College (FTCC)

FTCC offers educational programs tailored for current military and veterans. FTCC has a convenient location at the Bragg Training and Education Center (BTEC), ideal for the soldiers and families stationed at Fort Liberty and Pope Airfield, and designed its programs in flexible formats to fit busy schedules.

Learn More

Johnston Community College

The Johnston Community College (JCC) biotechnology department o!ers training that prepares individuals for high tech, well-paying jobs in the biotechnology sector. There are a variety of courses available and an associate's degree curriculum program to meet the growing needs of the industry.

Learn More

Pitt Community College

The Johnston Community College (JCC) biotechnology department o!ers training that prepares individuals for high tech, well-paying jobs in the biotechnology sector. There are a variety of courses available and an associate's degree curriculum program to meet the growing needs of the industry.

Learn More

BioWork Certificate Program

Training Program

BioWork Certificate Program

The BioWork certificate program will equip you with the skills needed to start your next career in life sciences. The 136-hour program prepares participants for a job as a process technician for a biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or chemical manufacturing company.

  • What is covered in BioWork?
    • Biotechnology Industry and Job Overview
    • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
    • Process Flows, Technology, and Equipment
    • Controlling the Process and Maintaining Quality
    • Fermentation and Cell Growth
    • Job Search, Resumes, and Interviews

13 community colleges across the state offer BioWork. Find a location near you.

NC Pharmaceutical Services Network

Training Program

NC Pharmaceutical Services Network

The North Carolina Pharmaceutical Services Network (PSN) is a one-of-a-kind partnership between industry and academia that provides a continuum of pharmaceutical education and training to new and existing companies in North Carolina and beyond.

PSN at Pitt Community College provides provides a pilot plant type manufacturing environment and lab scale equipment to teach oral solid dosage theory and manufacturing technique.

PSN at East Carolina University is a laboratory-based education and training network. Offerings include GMP/GLP courses, short courses, and analytical services.

BioWork Blitz Workshops

The BioWork Blitz workshops were designed to support our goal to build greater awareness and pathways to rewarding careers in the life sciences.

Attendees learn about:

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Gowning procedures
  • SOP (standard operating procedure) writing
  • Upstream and downstream biopharma manufacturing
  • Biopharma industry growth and careers.

To date, we have proudly welcomed forty participants and have delivered several interactive learning sections. Please check back for more BioWork Blitz opportunities.

biowork blitz
biowork blitz
biowork blitz
biowork blitz
biowork blitz
biowork blitz

Military Internships Available

NCBiotech, a world-class organization supporting growth in the biopharma manufacturing and life sciences industry, and Fort Bragg’s Soldier For Life-Transition Assistance Program team have come together to support military individual internships.

These military internships:

  • Offer real-time, on-the-job experience and training in biopharma manufacturing
  • Provide a direct pathway to potential civilian job placement
  • Are up to 16 weeks in length

If you are a service member in transition, please contact the Fort Bragg Transition Assistance Office to identify eligibility to participate in an approved Career Skills Program (CSP).  The Transition Assistance leadership team will be able to share if you meet eligibility. To further assist, visit the Transition Assistance Program website.

To learn more or if you do qualify, we invite you to explore listings and apply directly on the NCBiotech Career Center.

We hope this information will serve as a meaningful tool as you start your journey to civilian employment. Thank you again for your interest and your Military service.

Please check back soon as we are adding more resources for employers.

  • Military Spouse Professional Network

    Employers may learn more about connecting with the vast number of Military Spouse Professional Networks (MSPN) in or within their surrounding communities by exploring the MSPN webpage. The Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Professional Network is made up of 33,000 military spouses participating with more than 50 networks throughout the world.

  • North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME)

    NC4ME is a comprehensive public-private partnership designed to make NC the number one state for military employment. Established by the Governor in 2015, NC4ME leverages existing workforce development resources and technology to implement an employer-centric strategy that:  Educates NC’s business leaders on the value of hiring a military workforce, shows small businesses and human resource professionals how to hire military personnel, and connects military talent to open jobs, education, and training opportunities in North Carolina.


    By centering its focus on the “demand-side” of the employment equation, NC4ME serves as a perfect complement to the vast number of programs currently preparing veterans for civilian employment and gives a much-needed boost to military job seekers in North Carolina. More than just the “right thing” to do, hiring veterans drive business results for North Carolina’s employers and economic growth for our state.


    NCBiotech proudly partners with the NC4ME organization to attend and support hiring events for the Military community.  Industry leaders seeking to expand their talent reach are encouraged to explore the NC4ME website.

  • North Carolina National Guard Center

    Connect with the North Carolina National Guard Center and expand your opportunities to connect with service members seeking to transition to their next civilian career.

  • North Carolina Workforce Development Boards

    The NC Workforce Development Boards are an important partner to the life sciences community. Connecting with your local board assists industry leaders with advancing connectivity within the community. Your local board and NC Works resource centers offer access to on-the-job training programs and other community resources.


    Additionally, NC Works offers a dedicated Veterans Outreach resource portal.  If you have not connected with your local board, we encourage you to connect and explore available resources and programs!


    Visit the NC Workforce Development local boards or NC Works Veterans websites for more information.

  • Onward to Opportunity Fort Bragg

    The Onward to Opportunity (O2O) Fort Bragg program provides industry leaders direct access to transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses that have completed O2O’s professional suite of certification programs.  O2O combines industry-validated curricula, strong partnerships with leading veteran service organizations and private sector companies, and comprehensive career coaching services to prepare and match our military community with their next career. The NCBiotech Veterans Outreach Program collaborates with O2O to connect the military community to careers in the life sciences.

  • Veterans Upward Bound Program

    Veterans Upward Bound led by Central Carolina Community College is designed to motivate and assist veterans in the development of academic and other requisite skills necessary for acceptance and success in a program of post-secondary education.

    The program provides assessment and enhancement of basic skills through counseling, mentoring, tutoring and academic instruction in the core subject areas. The primary goal of the program is to increase the rate at which participants enroll in and complete post-secondary education programs. This program currently serves veterans residing in the following North Carolina counties: Lee County Harnett County Chatham County Johnston County Wake County.

    Visit the Veterans Upward Bound Program page to learn more.

  • Whole Vet

    Whole Vet works with local universities, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and the U.S. Army’s Warrior Transition Battalion to provide events that offer opportunities for career development, networking, education, mentorship, and more. Select the provided links to identify if this resource is a good fit for your organization.


Jacob key

Jacob Key
Program Manager, Military Outreach Veterans Engagement


Hee-Sook Song, Ph.D.
Workforce Development Director

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