Company Funding

NCBiotech understands the importance of emerging entrepreneurial companies to the state’s life science landscape.

Through the Emerging Company Development program, the Center invests in promising, emerging life science companies across the state.

These investments are intended to help recipients achieve meaningful research and commercial milestones. This in turn enables them to attract additional funding to fuel their growth. Historically, each dollar of NCBiotech investment has been followed by an average of $104 in follow-on funding. This funding includes government grants, angel and venture capital investments, IPOs and strategic partnerships.

Emerging Company Investments

Small Business Research Loan (SRL)

Supports business inception and research critical to the development of products, processes or tools with clear commercial potential. Award range: $75,000 to $250,000

Strategic Growth Loan (SGL)

Matches Biotechnology Center investment with angel or venture capital investments to fund life science companies that have established technical proof-of-concept and require further support to accelerate growth. Award range: $250,000 to $500,000

For additional funding resources, we maintain a list of North Carolina's angel and venture capital funding groups. You can also contact our life science intelligence unit for tailored assistance.