Transforming Life Sciences in North Carolina

Transformation - a significant change from one form to a different, more valuable one.

Significant changes, transformations, happen daily in the life sciences augmenting treatments for disease, catalyzing growth and improving our quality of life. Transformation is also what the North Carolina Biotechnology Center does for ideas, for businesses, for professionals and for whole sectors related to life sciences.

NCBiotech helps technologies, companies and careers transform at every stage along the development pipeline. Here are a few of our transformation stories:

NCBiotech bridges early-stage funding gaps

G1 Therapeutics' initial public offering of stock raised $105M. Its lead product could protect the immune system of cancer patients. Two NCBiotech loans, in 2011 and 2012, bridged early-stage funding gaps for G1.

NCBiotech facilitates job connections

Ken Everhart’s life sciences job in RTP was transferred to another state yet Ken wanted to stay in North Carolina. At an NCBiotech job fair, Ken made connections that landed him a job at Chimerix, and allowed him to stay in N.C.

NCBiotech nurtures scientific talent and skills in NC

Novo Nordisk's $1.8B expansion will transform the landscape in Johnston County, create 700 jobs and improve future diabetes care. NCBiotech catalyzed the program that train skilled workers to fill these and other jobs.

NCBiotech grants help scale production

Duke researchers discover that a poliovirus may cure glioblastoma, a fatal brain cancer. An NCBiotech grant allowed the lab to hire expertise to scale production for clinical trials.

NCBiotech celebrates North Carolina's life sciences ecosystem

Transformation is happening each and every day in North Carolina's life sciences community. Learn more about the successes and achievements of the companies and support entities that make up our ecosystem.

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Sectors of attention in life sciences

Sectors of Attention

North Carolina has a diversity of life sciences strengths. And several specific initiatives of NCBiotech seek to propel emerging sectors forward. Find out what life sciences will transform next.

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