BATON Referral Network

The BATON Referral Network is a community of life science professionals committed to the growth of North Carolina-based companies.

These service providers and CEO candidates represent a vast array of business and technical expertise, and were prequalified by NCBiotech. Service providers pledge to contribute services or provide preferential pricing for referrals coming through the BATON network database.

There is no cost to qualified Service Providers to participate in the BATON program.  However, participating Service Providers are expected to offer some or all of their services for referrals coming through the BATON network database under one or more of the following terms: pro bono, discounted, at cost, deferred, fixed cost, service for equity.

Search our BATON database below.

Horizon Productions
Horizon is a media production company that specializes in enterprise video, motion graphics, and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality experiences. We pride ourselves on telling beautifully crafted stories and creating unique immersive content.
Education & Training, Sales & Marketing, Website Development
Managing Partner
The Astral Consulting Group LLC
Alfonso is an entrepreneur focused on developing and implementing custom business intelligence solutions to help companies create data-driven cultures and scale efficiently. He founded The Astral Consulting Group to reimagine the traditional business
Data Management, Information Technology, Manufacturing
Managing Director
GeneCoda® is an executive and professional search and recruitment firm. Our focus is US recruitment with emphasis on the Life Sciences sector including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Diagnostic innovators and the service sector and
Human Resources
Ambrose Strategy
Government relations; strategic planning and project management; Former Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor, State of North Carolina
Business Development, Government Relations & Policy, Business Plan Writing
Affinergy LLC
Powered Research is a preclinical CRO focused on efficacy, tox, and PK studies. Our specialty is fast turnaround non-GLP studies to accelerate discovery and research pipelines.
Preclinical Development, Contract Research (CRO)
Carolina Piedmont Capital Inc.
Stuart Anderson founded Carolina Piedmont Capital, Inc. in 2008, driving commercial finance innovations that forever transformed how people view and think of equipment lease and commercial finance options.
Managing Partner
The Astral Consulting Group LLC
Co-founder and managing partner at The Astral Consulting Group, a business intelligence consultancy focused on creating data-driven cultures through custom cloud analytics solutions.
Data Management, Information Technology, Operations
Inara Strategies
Founded in 1998, CrossComm is a leading, custom web, mobile and AR/VR app development studio based in Durham, NC. We help companies iterate production to get to market better and faster, build training, marketing, educational apps and more.
Website Development, Technology & Product Development, Preclinical Development, Information Technology, Data Management
Managing Partner
Ballentine LifeScience Partners LLC
Commercial, market & opportunity assessment and strategy development for pharma/biotech clients; Primary & secondary market research; Early stage valuation
Business Development, Market Research, Sales & Marketing
Talent Acquisition Partner
Alcami Corporation (Durham)
Joey leads a team of Life Science Recruiters in RTP that specialize in connecting job seekers to opportunities within the industry.
Business Development, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing
Senior Territory Account Manager
Illumina Inc.
Bioinformatics, Technology & Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Laboratory Supplies & Equipment, Laboratory Space, Education & Training, Business Development
Senior Cell Processing Scientist
Terumo BCT Inc.
Gene and Cell Therapy, Medical Devices, R&D Director; Ex-Corning, Dyax; Product development, R&D, commercialization, cGMP manufacturing
Grants & Technical Writing, Manufacturing, Medical Affairs, Technology & Product Development
Medical device executive. Recently left role as CEO of Med Device company. Previously, President & General Manager of Specialty Division for Teleflex. Strengths are strategy, talent ID, team building and growing businesses at accelerated rates.
- CEO Candidate -, Board Development, Business Mentoring, Sales & Marketing
Managing Partner
Corralling Chaos LLC
Corralling Chaos is a future-oriented management consulting firm. We help our clients retain & entice great people, and grow healthy communities. We equip teams with learning agility and practical skills to create higher engagement and productivity.
- CEO Candidate -, Bioinformatics, Business Development, Business Mentoring, Contract Research (CRO), Education & Training, Human Resources, Operations, Preclinical Development, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Product Development
Over 18 years of experience managing all phases of clinical development in multiple therapeutic areas including neurology, cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, autoimmune and infectious diseases.
- CEO Candidate -, Chemistry, Clinical Development, Compliance, Contract Research (CRO), Data Management, Education & Training, Medical Writing, Operations, Quality Assurance & Control, Regulatory Affairs
Vice President of Entrepreneurship
Council for Entrepreneurial Development
Visionary leader adept at driving growth through strategic planning, business development, product differentiation and marketing.
- CEO Candidate -, Business Development, Information Technology, Business Mentoring, Market Research, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Product Development
fermentation technology; microbial liquid culture;Biorepository;Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, & HPC;Cell/Tissue Culture & Flow Cytometry
GCLP compliant, Study design, Scientific writing in support of grants/contracts/manuscripts, Sample processing, Viable cryopreservation, Biorepository, Immune Profiling, Flow Cytometry, Data analysis;Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, & HPC;Cell/Tissue Culture & Flow Cytometry;Crystallography, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR
macromolecules at atomic resolution, small ligands (such as substrates, inhibitors, drugs), structural biology, novel therapies, structure-aided drug design;Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, & HPC;Cell/Tissue Culture & Flow Cytometry;Crystallography, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR
Expression Services, Protein Purification, Training and Consultation;Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, & HPC;Cell/Tissue Culture & Flow Cytometry;Crystallography, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR
structure visualization, modeling and analysis, sequence analysis, Protein Data Bank (PDB) and Pymol Modeling;Cell/Tissue Culture & Flow Cytometry
Biomolecular Interactions, light scattering, SPR-based biosensor, Proteon XPR36, Biacore 3000, analytical ultracentrifugation,Auto-ITC200,DSC, microcalorimeters, fluorescence plate reader, circular dichroism, fluorimeter, molecular weight determination;Cell/Tissue Culture & Flow Cytometry;Crystallography, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR
PTI Symphony Multiple & PS-3 Peptide Synthesizer, Waters 2545 preparative HPLC system, Waters 1525 semi-prep HPLC system, Waters Alliance HPLC system, Mettler Toledo XP26 DeltaRange Microbalance, GeneMachines OmniGrid 100 Microarray Printer
www.btec.ncsu.eduBioprocessing;Cell/Tissue Culture & Flow Cytometry;Other -omics & Analytical
pre-clinical process development, analytical testing, analytical test development, cGMP training, fermentation, BL-2 laboratory, cell culture, centrifugation, homogenization, chromatography, ultrafiltration, diafiltration, filtration, clean utilities;Viral Vectors
Viral vector production, Adenovirus, Adeno-associated virus, Lentiviral vectors, Plasmid, Research, Preclinical, CGMP, Testing Services;Diagnostic Microbiology
Microbiome analysis including Illumina and Ion System library preparation, barcoding, and sequencing, and data analysis for amplicon, metagenomics shotgun and RNA sequencing. Standard, digital and high-throughput quantitative (q)-PCR.;Genetics & Genomics
DNA extraction, RNA, blood, tissue, liquid handling, clinical, Oragene, storage, sample tracking, Biobank, licensable samples
bioservices.uncc.eduBiostatistics, Bioinformatics, & HPC
Bioinformatics Analysis, Statistical Consultation, High Performance Computing, Custom data analysis, workflow development, Scripting support, Data Visualization, Data integration, Bioinformatics component of grant preparation.
Open to collaborators and departmental users only
http://bsbc.uncg.eduBiostatistics, Bioinformatics, & HPC
Hardware: Dual load-sharing head nodes, 89 heterogeneous compute nodes, 752 CPU cores, 49,152 streaming GPU cores, 96 port Infiniband switch, 20-TB storage subsystem Software: NAMD, Conf Memories, NW Chem, AMBER, Bioinformatics, & HPC
high-performance computing, bioinformatics, reproducible science, computational workflows, virtual machines