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Scientific Literature Delivery

North Carolina’s one-stop shop for ordering full-text scientific literature

When you need articles that fall outside of your subscriptions, Life Science Intelligence (LSI) can deliver. Centralize your company's article requests with one-stop ordering, billing and reporting.

Why order scientific content through Life Science Intelligence?

  • Convenience

    Anyone from your company can order citations, and we’ll bill the company back monthly for all orders placed over the course of the month. This saves you the steps of tracking down content and handling payments at different journal websites. There's no membership or subscription fee - you just order when you need access, and pay per article.

  • Access

    When you request articles through Life Science Intelligence, you’re not limited by which publisher owns the article, or which journal it’s published in.

  • Order request history

    We'll share quarterly reports about what citations your company has ordered, so you know which journals and publishers you're using heavily. This can help you make smart subscription decisions in the future.

  • Copyright compliance

    Ordering through LSI guarantees compliance with licensing restrictions, so you’re able to save articles and share them within your company.

Rates and Ordering

$55 per article
Turnaround time is typically 1-2 business days; older or harder-to-find access articles may take longer.


If you have questions about this service, the status of your order or your order history, contact Life Science Intelligence at

Need additional assistance with literature searches, subscription management or alerts? We’re happy to help! Contact us or see more about our research services.

Request Articles

Enter or copy and paste the citation(s) you need below ($55/citation). At a minimum include the article title, author(s) and year published. The article's DOI or PubMedID (PMID) is also preferred.

After submitting, you will receive email confirmation of your request. Life Science Intelligence staff will email you your requested documents in PDF format, typically within 2 business days. You or your company representative will be invoiced at the end of the month for all orders placed over the course of the month.

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