Custom Market Research

Improve your competitive position with custom market landscape analyses tailored to address your specific questions. Life Science Intelligence research analysts are experts in the business of life science, and can deliver timely, confidential reports, visualizations, alerts and data on topics including:

  • Epidemiology and market size

  • Competition and product development landscape

  • Partner, asset and expertise identification

  • Deal benchmarking

  • Trends in the life science industry in North Carolina and beyond

  • Patent, literature and funding searches

We work across sectors, from agbiotech to biopharma, from device to diagnostics, and with companies at all stages of growth. Whether you’re a startup, an established company, a consultant or with a university, we can deliver strategic insight to inform your decisions.

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Company Intelligence

In addition to analyses of markets and trends, we are also able to identify and provide intelligence on companies in or outside of North Carolina. Products include:

  • Company Profile Report: A full company profile will include a company overview, history, financial information and funding events, executives, pipeline and relevant company news.
  • NCBiotech Company Directory Export: The NCBiotech Company Directory is a comprehensive, publicly-available listing of North Carolina's life science, support and related companies. LSI is able to provide targeted company list Excel exports, which include a company description and categorizations, local employment range, year founded and more.

Rates and Pricing

Custom Market Research

  • In-state: $120 per hour
  • Out-of-state: $160 per hour
  • NC Incubator Discount: 10% off to companies at incubators
  • Retainer Discount: $100 per hour for 50+ research hours during a year, paid in full up-front

Company Profile Report: $240 per report

NCBiotech Company Directory Export: $60 per export

"The NCBiotech library prepared and wrote a market survey of the use of hepatocytes for drug metabolism studies at my request. The report was promptly produced, thoroughly referenced, and elegantly presented. The cost was extremely reasonable. This report has been an invaluable tool for promotion of our existing intellectual property, and to raise funds to mature new intellectual property."

Timothy Hammond, associate chief of staff R&D, Durham VA Medical Center