Launch Your Next Career in the Life Sciences

Maybe you haven’t made the connection, but we have. Your military experience has prepared you for a fulfilling career in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Discipline, integrity, leadership, adaptability and attention to detail are shared values between experienced military personnel and life sciences professionals. Whether you are a former Airman, Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Coast Guardsman, your experience can land you a new career in the life sciences.

In the life sciences community we share a common drive: a compassion to serve. If you are a Military Veteran, Service Member in Transition or Military Spouse, we invite you to explore our portal and start your pathway to your next rewarding career in the life sciences.


Investing in our Military Community

Military Service Members in Biopharma Manufacturing

A grant to help train military service members in North Carolina and Texas for biopharmaceutical manufacturing careers has been approved by the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals.

Dubbed Military Service Members in Biopharma Manufacturing (MSMBM), the initiative will provide targeted technical training to complement the leadership and other soft skills learned in the military. Learn more about this project and our commitment to create meaningful pathways to civilian careers and training in the life sciences.

Explore Available Learning Programs Today

Are you looking for a robust training program to help you prepare for a career in biopharma manufacturing? Explore the industry-recognized BioWork Certification program! The BioWork certificate program will teach you the foundational skills you need to begin a career in a biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or chemical manufacturing company. Head to the BioWork website to quickly learn more about the program.

If virtual learning options are important to you, please explore the links provided below. These learning partners are now offering fully online or hybrid learning options.

To learn more about a career in biopharma manufacturing and the outstanding education and training opportunities in North Carolina, join us on January 28 for BPD "BioGrow: Training and Education Across North Carolina" Virtual Symposium. Register.

We Have Military Internships Available

NCBiotech, world-class biopharma manufacturing/life sciences organizations, and Fort Bragg’s Soldier For Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP/CSP team) have come together to support military individual internships.

Each military internship is up to 16-weeks in length and provides the unique opportunity to receive on-the-job training in biopharma manufacturing. Some internships include the completion of NC BioNetwork's industry-recognized BioWork certification program.

If you are within five to six months of your military exit date, have a good military performance record, and believe you may possess the skills we are seeking, we encourage you to learn more and apply with your local US Army SFL-TAP/CSP team. You may also apply directly on the NCBiotech Job Board or email your resume and joint services document (as applicable) to

View Available Internships

Thank you for your service.

military seals


COVID-19 Resources

Visit the NCBiotech COVID-19 Resource page for a list of resources and event updates.

Become A Mentor with Veterati

Are you passionate about sharing your industry expertise? Have you thought about utilizing that knowledge to mentor a Veteran, Transitioning Service Member, or Military Spouse?

If you answered yes, consider becoming a mentor with Veterati. Whether you are a civilian or Veteran working in the life sciences sector, you possess critical knowledge valued by mentees exploring their next career path. Visit to learn how you can put your passion to good use.

“To my fellow service members, as you are considering your civilian career goals, my advice to you is look beyond your comfort zone.  Keep an open mind and be willing to step outside of what feels comfortable.  The soft skills learned in the Military; strict adherence to following procedures, drive to achieve results, and problem-solving skills are highly valued.  My MOS or Military Occupational Code was Public Affairs Mass Communication Specialist.  If I had stayed in my comfort zone, I would have shied away from the opportunity to accept a Military Intern Bioprocess Technician role made available to me through the NCBiotech Veterans Outreach Program. 

Don’t underestimate your skills. I found through my internship and BioWork training that Biopharma manufacturing is where I want to be in my civilian career.  I stepped outside of my comfort zone and would not have changed a thing.  To my fellow service members and military spouses, I also recommend you consider completing the BioWork Certification Program offered at some of the Community Colleges.  For me, I completed the program at Central Carolina Community College and had a blast!  It’s a program designed for the adult learner, industry specific, and the program instructor was great.  For me, completing the BioWork certification program while on my Military Internship was instrumental as all the work I was performing and why I was doing it became crystal clear.  I had such a great experience I’ve volunteered to support an upcoming video project. 

 In closing, I’ll leave my fellow service members, veterans, and military spouses with this: I once had a Sergeant Major who would often say “every day is a selection”.  He meant every day you must prove you belong here.  I have found those words were true.  If continuing to serve others in your civilian career is important to you, the biopharma manufacturing industry allows you to continue to serve others while using all the skill assets you developed while serving our great country.  Take the initiative to explore military internships in biopharma manufacturing or take the BioWork Certification class.  Think outside your comfort zone and give it a go!  I did and now I’m fully engaged in my civilian career working as a full-time Bioprocess Technician with Pfizer.”

John Nicolas, Army Veteran, Former Military Intern, Bioprocess Technician with Pfizer-Sanford, NC

Upcoming Events

BPD "BioGrow: Training and Education Across North Carolina" Virtual Symposium sponsored by Kymanox

Why attend? To learn more about a career in biopharma manufacturing and the outstanding education and training opportunities in North Carolina

Who should attend? People of all ages, experience, and educational levels, including community college students, university students, and professionals looking for opportunities to begin or advance their career in biopharmaceutical manufacturing in North Carolina. 

Join us on January 28 to find out more about training and education opportunities in North Carolina.

Merck Wilson North Carolina Virtual Career Event

Join a team of more than 360 strong, including the region’s finest engineers, automation experts, and professionals specializing in such diverse fields as environmental health and safety, quality assurance, operations, supply chain management, and business/technical analysis. Find out more about the Virtual Career Fair.

Past Events

NC4ME Fall Hiring Event - November 10

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Veterans Outreach Program will be attending the NC4ME Fall Hiring Event scheduled November 10. We encourage Transitioning Service Members interested in a Military Internship to register and attend. Our Military internship opportunities provide the unique opportunity for transitioning service members to work on-the-job at world class biopharma manufacturing companies. Learn more about the NC4ME hiring event.

Pathways to Careers in the North Carolina Life Sciences - November 12

NCBiotech Veterans Outreach Program presented for Hiring our Heroes North Carolina Military Spouse Professional Network (NCMSPN) community.

The NCBiotech Veterans Outreach Program will serve as a guest presenter in partnership with the Hiring our Heroes North Carolina Military Spouse Professional Network (NCMSPN) community.

What’s Your Next Move for Fort Bragg’s Onward to Opportunity Students - October 30

The NCBiotech Center’s Veterans Outreach Program hosted a Zoom and Learn session with Fort Bragg’s Onward to Opportunity Students to introduce learning pathways and careers in Biopharma Manufacturing to their recent program graduates.

NC4ME Summer Hiring Event - July 29

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Veterans Outreach Program will be attending the NC4ME Summer Hiring Event scheduled July 29. We encourage Transitioning Service Members, Veterans, and Military spouses to consider attending. Learn more about the Summer Hiring Event

BioWork Blitz Learning Workshops

New workshop coming soon! The BioWork Blitz Workshop scheduled for May 6 has been postponed. On that day, two sessions will be offered. Stay tuned for more details.

Want to learn more about careers in biopharma manufacturing? Sign up and attend our free BioWork Blitz Workshop. There are typically two sessions to choose from. Each hands-on learning workshop provides you a unique opportunity to learn more about the biopharma manufacturing industry in a fun and hands-on adult learning environment.

The BioWork Blitz Workshop will be held at Fort Bragg and is open to Active Service Members in Transition, Veterans, and Military Spouses. Don’t miss your opportunity to explore this rewarding industry. It may be the learning experience you’ve been waiting for to make biopharmaceutical manufacturing your next adventure.

BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz
BioWork Blitz

The BioWork Blitz workshops were designed to support our goal to build greater awareness and pathways to rewarding careers in the life sciences.

Attendees learn about:

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Gowning procedures
  • SOP (standard operating procedure) writing
  • Upstream and downstream biopharma manufacturing
  • Biopharma industry growth and careers.

To date, we have proudly welcomed forty participants and have delivered several interactive learning sections.


June 9: Virtual Life Sciences Hiring Event

NCBiotech's Veterans Outreach Program and North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME) organization have teamed up to offer a Virtual Life Sciences Hiring Event to be held June 9, 2020. The Virtual Life Sciences Hiring Event provides participating employers the unique opportunity to expand their talent reach and connect with Transitioning Military Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses to fill open positions in their organization at NO COST!

Our hiring event puts you face-to-face with hiring managers that meet your interests. Come prepared to share your experience and earn a place on some great corporate teams. All preregistered candidates who provide a resume will be matched for onsite interview opportunities during the event. For this virtual event all interviews and face-to-face interactions will be scheduled virtually.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their resume highlighting their related work experience and training. For Service Members in Transition and Veterans, as you deem appropriate, you may also include your Military Joint Service Training document.

Skills and Experience Built for Your Next Opportunity

As you close your military chapter and explore your next path, we hope you'll stay in North Carolina and consider a life science career. Careers in the life sciences offer excellent pay and benefits, personal and professional growth potential, and a great way to continue your commitment to service with a purpose. These careers save lives and deliver a better quality of life at home, and across the globe.

Your military experience and training have prepared you for roles in these business categories. As you explore your next career move, take a look at the following sampling of positions found in many North Carolina biopharma manufacturing companies.

  • Manufacturing operations

    • Manufacturing technicians
    • Product schedulers
    • Sampling technicians
    • Production leads and supervisor roles


  • Warehouse operations

  • Distribution and packaging operations

  • Engineering and facilities operations

    • Maintenance Technicians
    • Utilities / HVAC / Process
    • Refrigeration
    • Water / Waste / Wifi Systems
    • Instrumentation and Calibration
    • Electricians
    • Environmental Health and Safety


  • Supply chain logistics

    • Production and Materials Planning
    • Vendor Management / Buyers


  • Information Technology

Training Opportunities Close to Home

The following community colleges offer life science degrees and continued education training, all in close proximity to North Carolina's military bases.

Veterans, transitioning service members, Reserves, and military spouses are encouraged to explore available program offerings to support your continued academic interests.

Community College Training Programs

  • Central Carolina Community College

    Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) offers multiple short-term certification curriculums in Chatham, Harnett and Lee counties, as well as some online formats.

  • Johnston Community College

    The Johnston Community College (JCC) biotechnology department offers training that prepares individuals for high tech, well-paying jobs in the biotechnology sector. There are a variety of courses available and an associate's degree curriculum program to meet the growing needs of the industry. 

  • Pitt Community College

    The Pitt Community College biotechnology curriculum has been developed to meet the increasing demand for skilled workers in the biological and chemical technology fields. The course work emphasizes training for positions such as research assistants, laboratory technicians and quality control technicians.

  • Fayetteville Technical Community College

    Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) offers educational programs tailored for current military and veterans. FTCC has a convenient location at the Bragg Training and Education Center (BTEC), ideal for the soldiers and families stationed at Fort Bragg and Pope Airfield, and designed its programs in flexible formats to fit busy schedules.

BioWork Certificate Program

BioWork logo

BioWork Certificate Program

The BioWork certificate program will equip you with the skills needed to start your next career in life sciences. The 136-hour program prepares participants for a job as a process technician for a biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or chemical manufacturing company.


Military interns

Former military members complete their BioWork Certification and celebrate at a luncheon hosted by Pfizer.

Pictured Left to Right: Elizabeth Ellis-NCBiotech Veterans Outreach Program Lead, Craig Hardy-Pfizer, Dr. Lisa Chapman-President Central Carolina Community College, Julius Alverez-Military Intern, John Nichols-Military Intern, Cathy Swindell-Director Workforce Develop CCCC, Mike Kidd-Lead Program Instructor

NC Pharmaceutical Services Network

scientists in the lab

The North Carolina Pharmaceutical Services Network (PSN) is a one-of-a-kind partnership between industry and academia that provides a continuum of pharmaceutical education and training to new and existing companies in North Carolina and beyond.

PSN at Pitt Community College provides provides a pilot plant type manufacturing environment and lab scale equipment to teach oral solid dosage theory and manufacturing technique.

PSN at East Carolina University is a laboratory-based education and training network. Offerings include GMP/GLP courses, short courses, and analytical services.

Open Internship Opportunities

NCBiotech, Fort Bragg’s Soldier For Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP/CSP team) and various biopharma manufacturing companies are now recruiting for the following internships. These internships offer real time on-the-job experience and a direct pathway to potential civilian job placement. We currently have internship opportunities at Pfizer in Sanford, N.C. and Seqirus in Holly Springs, N.C.

We value the military skill assets you have developed during your Military service.

Explore available Military internship opportunities and apply today by visiting the listings on the NCBiotech Jobs Board.


  • Warehouse Operations Military Internship
    • Prior military receiving / warehouse operations experience desired
    • Documentation / records management
    • SAP inventory controls/receiving/distribution (G-Army)
    • Soldiers with 92A, 92Y, E4-E5 may be the best fit; yet we are not limited to these.
    • Forklift experience and/or material handling equipment is a plus


  • Bioprocess Technician (BPT) Internships
    • The ability to conduct basic math formulations is required
    • Document and records management experience are a plus
    • Military roles requiring usage of SAP platforms for inventory controls and/or general operations are considered a high-valued skillset
    • Prior experience requiring attention to detailed instructions and timely documentation requirements are an expectation of this role
    • Although not required, Military experience in cleanroom environments (typically found in lab and controlled operating work environments) are a plus. For example, if your Military experience includes work with controlled materials or work as a lab tech, dental tech, or related type of role in the medic field, you typically will possess transferable skillsets for this role.


  • Maintenance Technician Internships
    • Must have prior and/or current experience working in a mechanical and/or electrical role
    • Military training certifications in maintenance, electrical, and instrumentation are considered a plus for this role

    The Military intern will be responsible for and will receive real-time on-the-job experience and biopharma industry training in the following operational areas:

    • Performing corrective maintenance activities on equipment
    • Troubleshooting and repair equipment and systems
    • Perform preventative and predictive maintenance on equipment
    • Position may require specialized skills and knowledge such as welding, electrical, HVAC, refrigeration, pipe fitting, etc.
    • Perform predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance activities, document all work order activities in EAMS and relevant equipment logs
    • Troubleshoot and resolve equipment issues in a timely manner utilizing DMAIC techniques
    • Read and follow equipment schematics, logic diagrams and engineering drawings
    • May support engineering projects to select and install appropriate equipment


What is required for each Individual Military Internship role?

If you are Service Member in transition within five months of your Military exit date, we invite you to explore the following Individual Military Internships made available to you through the NCBiotech Veterans Outreach Program and the U.S. Army SFL-TAP/CSP program at Fort Bragg, NC.

  • All roles are up to 12-16-weeks in length and require at minimum a H.S. diploma. For all internship roles, any experience following SOP (standard operating procedures) and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) are considered a plus.
  • Your ability to work in an environment requiring the ability to complete multiple tasks timely and accurately are required.
  • For all roles, any experience with PowerPoint, excel, word experience will be considered a plus yet not mandatory. 
  • Exposure to lean six sigma, continuous improvement practices, or training are additional assets for these roles. 
  • All roles do require the ability to manage and work in an environment requiring the capability to complete multiple tasks timely and effectively
  • Service members must be considered in good standing with their Chain of Command, have a clean background, and will be subject to pre-onboarding processes at the respective “host” company.

To interested service members, we are interested in the skillsets you’ve attained throughout your Military career so we encourage you to think beyond your MOS title and focus on your transferrable assets.


How to get started and who to contact?

For additional internship details and to secure your eligibility to apply, please reach out to the Fort Bragg, NC SFL-TAP/CSP leadership team.

You may also email your resume and joint services training document (as applicable) to to be considered!

Take action today and discover your next career with the life sciences.

Below are just a few of the industry partners working with the North Carolina university and community college systems to develop robust training programs throughout the state. Click their logo to browse open positions and find out more about their opportunities for veterans.

Explore all life science companies in NC.

To my fellow Veterans, do not look at your job title as your only selling point. Take advantage of learning programs, internships, education programs, and find mentors. Do not limit yourself! I attribute my accomplishments to the soft skills the Military taught me in perseverance, problem-solving and adaptability and my excellent mentors.


Success Stories & Community Activity

Veterans in Biopharma

These stories and quotes from program participants, industry partners, and military members who have entered into the biopharma manufacturing sector highlight the reward that comes with working in the life science industry.

Randy Handwork

This Leatherneck's Proud of NCBiotech's Veterans Outreach Program

As a Marine, I’m proud of my employer. 

People at North Carolina’s huge military bases who are transitioning into civilian life are getting an amazing new opportunity, thanks to the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and its partners. 

North Carolina Workforce Development

Transformation Talks Episode 4

As North Carolina’s life science communities grow, a key concern is having enough qualified workers to fill positions requiring specialized skills. NCBiotech is tackling this issue with new programs focused on providing veterans and high school students with career pathways to pharma/biomanufacturing. These programs strive to match highly qualified veterans and students with unfilled positions at the state’s pharma and biopharma companies.

Note: This podcast was recorded in early March 2020. NCBiotech remains committed to ensuring a qualified pharma/biomanufacturing workforce given its importance in addressing the challenges brought on by the COVID19 pandemic and other significant human health needs.

Veterans Pfizer Tour

Fort Bragg’s Soldier for Life Transition Assistant Program (SFL-TAP) team tours Pfizer-Sanford, NC

In support of the NCBiotech Veterans Outreach Program, Pfizer hosted an experiential site tour for Fort Bragg’s SFL-TAP team. Attendees were welcomed with an overview of the site’s history and an expansive tour explaining biopharma manufacturing processes. 

We’ve made the connection: military service members are a great fit for making medicines!  Throughout their career, service members develop transferable skills that fit nicely in biopharma manufacturing roles. Creating opportunities for our military transition assistant program teams to experience industry operating environments and its culture is an important part of building a robust Veterans Outreach program.

Attendees are pictured left to right:  Salmon Ponaport, US Army TAP Team, Raymond Godsave, NC Works, Jerves Shipman, US Army TAP Team, Charles Mitchell, Associate Director of Pfizer Manufacturing, William McMillian, US Army TAP Manager, Elizabeth Ellis, NCBiotech’s Veterans Outreach Program Consultant, and Bill Bullock, NCBiotech’s SVP Economic Development and Statewide Operations

Soldier in lab

Pfizer saw the value of my military training and experience and understood how the skills I had gained through my years of training and military experience would transfer in to their operation.

Craig Hardy, Navy Veteran, Senior Maintenance Manager, Pfizer

Believe in yourself and bring forth the mindset that you possessed in the military, such as “adapt and overcome.” The ability to help others by transforming or improving the quality of life for patients and families is the biggest reward one could ask for. 

Marine Veteran Charles Marsh, manufacturing specialist, AveXis

military interns complete certification

Former military members complete their BioWork Certification and celebrate at a luncheon hosted by Pfizer.

Pictured Left to Right: Elizabeth Ellis-NCBiotech Veterans Outreach Program Lead, Craig Hardy-Pfizer, Dr. Lisa Chapman-President Central Carolina Community College, Julius Alverez-Military Intern, John Nichols-Military Intern, Cathy Swindell-Director Workforce Develop CCCC, Mike Kidd-Lead Program Instructor

For more information or questions about the Veterans Outreach Program, contact:

Elizabeth Ellis
Veterans Outreach Program Consultant, NCBiotech

Photo credits:

Header photo by Department of Defense/Staff Sgt. Curtis J. Lenz
North Carolina State University Biotechnology Training and Education Center