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Five “alumni” companies of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development reported major progress at the CED’s Life Sciences Conference in Raleigh.
Ann Whitaker Novoclem Therapeutics
As CEO of Durham startup Novoclem Therapeutics, long-time pharmaceutical executive Anne Whitaker says she’s involved in a personal battle.
CED Venture Capitalists Session
It’s a classic question in the venture capital industry. When weighing which companies to fund, should investors favor good management teams or strong technologies and products? A panel of venture capitalists was split on that question at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development’s Life Science Conference in Raleigh.
Keith Vodrazka Cool Planet
Emerging technologies featured on the second day of the 2018 Ag Biotech Summit focused on soil health.
North Carolina, rich in scientific expertise and supporting resources, is one of the nation’s best places to start a life science enterprise, a panel of early stage company entrepreneurs agreed at the CED Life Science Conference in Raleigh.
AgBiotech Summit Ann Bartuska
“How do we take advantage of this new world of biotechnology” affecting agriculture, asked Ann Bartuska, Ph.D., vice president of Land, Water, and Nature with Resources for the Future at the 2018 AgBiotech Summit. “There are a lot of opportunities in emerging technologies we have yet to capitalize on.”

Scientists, executives and farmers at the 2018 Ag Biotech Summit focused on soil health agreed on its importance to plant, animal and human health.

2018 AgBiotech Summit
Enhancing soil health is “One of those rare win-win situations,” Wayne Honeycutt, president and CEO of the Morrisville, NC-based Soil Health Institute told the 2018 Ag Biotech Summit. “It’s good for the farmer and for the environment.”
NCSU Research Team
Scientists at North Carolina State University’s Plants for Human Health Institute have received $2 million to support research aimed at improving the nutritional content of food products containing fruits and vegetables.
Rx Maker logo
Rx Maker, a Durham spinoff from Ag TechInventures, is commercializing a technology to help farmers use high-resolution satellite imagery to pinpoint their soil issues.
MedTech Innovator Pitch Event image

If you’re building a company in the “3-D” world of Devices, Diagnostics or Digital health products, you have until the end of the day this Friday, Feb. 16, to seek fame and fortune.

Novo Nordisk rendering of $2B expansion currently underway
The global diabetes and obesity epidemic is driving an additional $65 million expansion of Novo Nordisk’s drug-manufacturing operations at its 264-acre campus in Clayton.
Kepley's compressed bait attracts crabs, lobsters
Greensboro-based Kepley BioSystems (KBI), developer of a reusable, synthetic bait for the lobster and crab fisheries and other marine technologies, is one of only 11 U.S. companies invited to America’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Client Showcase in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 13.
Transforming idea to reality
Many of us chose a career in the life sciences to make a difference. To cure diseases. To improve the environment. To feed the world. But it’s easy to lose the big picture as we focus on the details of our daily routine.
Sample Tablets in Beaker
A hands-on program to train workers for good-paying jobs in pharmaceutical manufacturing officially opened today in Greenville to the applause of economic developers, industry executives and leaders in government and academia.