410 Medical Awarded Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of 2021

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Frost & Sullivan, a California company specializing in business growth and development, has named Durham’s 410 Medical, Inc. as the 2021 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in the global fluid resuscitation devices industry. 

The Durham company’s LifeFlow product line allows quick fluid administration to critical patients through any vascular access point. The squirt-gun-like device takes less than two minutes to set up, protects the syringe from bacterial contamination and moves fluids up to four times faster than a pressure bag.

LifeFlow device
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The LifeFlow Fluid Infuser received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance in 2017, and the company’s second product, the LifeFlow PLUS Blood and Fluid Infuser, received clearance in 2020. Both devices offer an early and controlled response to potentially fatal complications like sepsis, shock and hemorrhages.

Frost & Sullivan evaluated companies for this award based on two criteria: entrepreneurial innovation and customer impact. The award cited 410 Medical as a market disruptor, using a new perspective to solve a complex problem. It said the LifeFlow product line has had a large impact on customers by decreasing patient deaths, intensive care unit days, hospital expenses and the number of patients requiring vasopressors and mechanical ventilation. In fact, Frost & Sullivan found a more-than-tenfold return on investment for the LifeFlow product line. 

Frost & Sullivan concluded that 410 Medical stood out because of its ability to improve clinical outcomes while increasing hospital functionality and decreasing costs.

Rachyl Jones, NCBioech Writer
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