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Citrus greening disease
Research Triangle Park ag tech startup TerMir is the winner of the inaugural Alexandria LaunchLabs $100,000 AgTech Innovation Prize for its promising "green" technology to attack the devastating citrus greening disease.
Bryn's nasal "epi-sniff"
Raleigh's Bryn Pharma has raised an additional $11 million, for a total of $26 million in this funding round, as it approaches market approval for its epinephrine nasal spray to treat anaphylaxis.
NCBiotech in RTP
In the Global Startup Ecosystem Report of 2020, Startup Genome named the Research Triangle #10 among emerging startup ecosystems. And Charlotte and Wilmington made the top 100.
Collective logo
Duke's Thomas Tedder is one of the most recent examples of the many NC scientists who develop important pharmaceutical products but often don't see the limelight for it.
Research Triangle Park ag tech startup Innatrix has been awarded a $224,594 National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research grant.
Kepley mask illustration
Kepley BioSystems scientists in Greensboro are developing a COVID-19 mask system that eliminates viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens from the air.
Anatomy of the gut
Raleigh's 9 Meters Biopharma is launching a clinical trial for a drug to help people absorb more nutrients when their digestive tract is shortened through surgery or at birth.
Signafuse strip
Durham-based Bioventus has come up with a new bone graft substitute that it says is easier for doctors to handle, promotes healing in patients, and provides potential cost savings for hospitals.
LaunchBio Big Pitch 2020 event graphic
Five young North Carolina life sciences companies are in the national running for the LaunchBio Big Pitch, a virtual quick pitch competition for the most promising startups in the U.S.
Neutralizing antibody visual
Burlington-based LabCorp has launched a new neutralizing antibody assay that it says may be helpful in battling the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kannapolis campus

This story was published by Duke Health on June 22.

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- Duke’s MURDOCK Study has launched a COVID-19 research project to follow the health of hundreds of North Carolina volunteers for several months. The study will also test a sub-group for COVID-19 infection and potential immunity to the novel coronavirus that causes the disease.

AgBiome logo
RTP's AgBiome has submitted its new biological fungicide, Theia, for EPA review -- the company's second such fungicide in three years
iStock image
A study by Duke scientists shows that children growing up in impoverished surroundings develop genetic changes in adulthood that are typically associated with exposure to tobacco smoke and other pollutants.
RedHill Biopharma, with U.S. headquarters in Raleigh, is reporting positive early results from opaganib, one of its potential treatments for COVID-19.
Jude Samulski
Jude Samulski, a UNC gene therapy pioneer, has been awarded an international patent application by the World Intellectual Property Organization for his regulated gene-editing system.