NCBiotech: People, Culture and Collaboration

As NCBiotech’s Vice President of Talent and Culture Development, I have the privilege of observing and shaping our organization’s culture. On our 40th anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on the critical role that our staff, culture and collaboration play in growing North Carolina’s life sciences.  

Much like our state’s diverse life sciences ecosystem, the NCBiotech staff comes from diverse backgrounds. They are united by a shared passion for North Carolina and life sciences. They possess deep scientific expertise, ranging from clinical research to biomanufacturing to agricultural technology. Some have extensive economic development experience while others have the business acumen to help commercialize new technologies. Diversity is a strength that helps us to be creative problem solvers.  

Learning and growth is a top priority for our organization. We must stay ahead of the ever-evolving life sciences. Our commitment to professional development helps us maximize opportunities and accelerate innovation, investment and job creation.

NCBiotech’s culture is entrepreneurial but with the heart of a nonprofit. We efficiently use our resources to operate a variety of programs that catalyze growth.  

In 2020, NCBiotech adopted a set of transformational attributes that shape our culture and enable every employee to perform at their highest level.  T.E.A.M.S is an acronym for:

T – Think big.  

E – Enhance partnerships.  

A – Act authentically.  

M – Make it count.  

S – Seek the greater good.  

Examples of our TEAMS attributes in action include:  

In 2022, NCBiotech was “thinking big” when it pursued and was awarded $25 million from the U.S. Economic Development Administration to build the life sciences manufacturing workforce across the state.  

Next, we “act authentically” by providing a supportive, safe environment where employees can be themselves. This environment helps us to brainstorm ideas and have open dialogues to set priorities and be strategic.  

For “enhancing partnerships,” our staff collaborates internally and with partners, from the academic community and industry.  We are known as the convener that assembles partners to align visions, projects and resources to accomplish goals. Competitive life sciences hubs have shared how they admire the high level of collaboration in our ecosystem.

For “making it count,” NCBiotech makes excellent use of its resources. As evidence, for every $1 invested in our loans program, life sciences startups have earned an additional $140 in follow-on funding.

Lastly, NCBiotech “seeks the greater good” each time we successfully recruit new companies or help current companies expand in North Carolina. This brings new jobs, investment and technology to our state.  

NCBiotech always takes a statewide approach in our business. While our headquarters are in Research Triangle Park, we have five regional offices that collaborate closely with industry, universities, training partners and support companies across the state. 

As we look to the future, NCBiotech will remain committed to developing our staff, strengthening our culture and enhancing collaboration. We will make a meaningful impact for North Carolinians and people around the world. Here’s to our next 40 years! 

For questions or more information, contact:
Joseph Henderson, MHR, PHR
Vice President, Talent & Culture Development Talent and Culture Development 919-549-8884 |

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