Chaseman Global Talent Recruitment Company Opens U.S. Regional Office at NCBiotech Landing Pad


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Chaseman Global, an international life sciences executive recruitment company, opened a regional office today at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Landing Pad rental office site.

The company, which specializes in attracting highly qualified employees for the agriculture and food technology industries, said this is its second U.S. regional office.

Richard Connolly.
Richard Connolly.

Chief Executive Officer Richard Connolly said the company was pleased to be in North Carolina. “Our clients in the Research Triangle have always been at the forefront of innovation and we believe establishing a physical presence within the Triangle better equips us to support their talent needs and growth goals,” he said.

“We look forward to being an active member of the Research Triangle community and contributing to its growth and success,” added Phil Bills, chief commercial officer for Chaseman Global.

Connolly, who operates out of Sarasota, Fla., will continue to be the primary point of contact for both offices. The company also has regional offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Australia

Phil Bills
Phil Bills.

Chaseman Global is participating in NCBiotech’s unique Landing Pad program, which ensures companies new to the state have access to professional services and support from an experienced team focused on helping young life science companies as they get established. Services are located within the center itself or nearby.

Agriculture continues to be a huge industry for the state. Agricultural leaders note that the industry contributes some $95.9 billion to the economy every year, or about 16% of the state's income.

North Carolina’s agricultural technology industry has grown substantially over the past 10 years. There are now 195 ag tech companies across the state, clustered around plant, animal, food, technology and support. Companies include international giants BASF Plant Science, Bayer, Corteva, DuPont Pioneer, Novozymes and Syngenta, as well as many small and mid-size companies.

“We’re excited that a recognized executive recruitment firm with a global footprint decided to establish a U.S. office in the Triangle,” said Paul Ulanch, Ph.D, senior director of focused initiatives at NCBiotech. “Chaseman Global specializes in sectors that are important to the current and future economy of the state including agriculture and food production. 

“This firm will be yet another partner to maximize the ability to attract top talent to North Carolina,” he added.

Kathy Neal, NCBiotech Writer
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