Mission and Goals

TriBix is a community of bioinformaticians, computational biologists, and data scientists working in Biotech in the Research Triangle Park, NC. Bioinformatics is often a siloed field with people embedded within larger organizations. TriBix was founded in October 2022 to bring together bioinformaticians to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, seek career advice, and network in an informal setting. 

We organize monthly in-person networking events, small group discussions, and panel discussions, and host seminars and presentations. Participation is open to any computational biologist, bioinformatician, or data scientist. 

Upcoming Events

Past Events


Anupama Reddy, Co-founder, Vindhya Data Science

Oswaldo Lozoya, Principal Investigator, RTI

Sumaiya Islam, Principal Scientists, Tempus Labs

Deepthi Rajagopalan, Director of Customer Success, Velsera 

Shannon Tsai, Director of Bioinformatics, CytomX

Sponsorship opportunities

We are actively looking for sponsorships to host TriBix events. Please contact the organizers for additional details.

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