NCBiotech Jobs Network: Small Talk Can Be Awkward but You Don’t Have to Be!

Making small talk is an essential skill that is important for your professional and personal life. Events like industry networking sessions, conferences and other social situations may require you to be adept at this. It is even important during the interview process. If small talk makes you nervous, come to this interactive workshop where you can practice topics to discuss, strategies for approaching people, entering/exiting conversations gracefully and how to follow-up with people afterwards.


April Jobs Network Speaker

Jennifer Levy

Jennifer Levy, M.Ed.
Duke University Assistant Director for Graduate Student Services



12:15 p.m.- Registration
12:30 p.m.- Making Small Talk Interactive Session
1:30 p.m.- Talent Acquisition Professional Introductions
1:45 p.m.- Open Networking with light refreshments


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15 T.W. Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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