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To bring a solution from bench to bedside, life science companies have myriad information needs at every stage of development. From market projections for specific therapeutic areas, to competitive intelligence about competitors' research programs, to scientific literature, critical information can be expensive to access and time-consuming to search. Time spent hunting for information is time spent away from developing technologies that can heal and feed the world.

At Informing Innovation 2019, we'll help you get up to speed in life science market research techniques; learn the landscape of scientific literature, patent and business information resources; and equip you with sources and strategies for finding the data you need to innovate. You will also be able to connect with content providers to learn more about the industry tools and resources that are essential to discovery.

Informing Innovation 2019 is hosted by Life Science Intelligence (LSI) at NCBiotech. LSI specializes in the intersection of bioscience innovation and business. By delivering targeted market and scientific insight, we connect entrepreneurs and companies with the analysis and resources needed to inform strategic decisions.

Who Should Attend?

Join us at Informing Innovation 2019, especially if you are:

  • In business development or company leadership looking for market and business information to bolster strategic decisions
  • An administrator, librarian or information professional making decisions about information resources and managing subscriptions for your company or organization
  • In R&D wanting to learn more about accessing scientific content for your company
  • A consultant needing ongoing access to resources to support your clients' needs


Agenda is subject to change.


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Keynote Panel: Information Needs through the Funding Process
Moderated by Dr. Vivian Doelling, Ph.D, Vice President of Emerging Company Development at NCBiotech

  • Dr. Katie Warner, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Vice President, Ribometrix Inc.
  • Mike Carnes, Technology Commercialization counselor at SBTDC
  • Dr. Joe Ruiz, Ph.D., Grant Writing Specialist at Eva Garland Consulting LLC

At the keynote, a panel of fundraising experts will discuss the information needs and challenges companies encounter throughout the funding process. Whether your company is looking for grants, Series A capital or beyond, you'll come away with perspectives about how to find funding opportunities, what information is needed to secure funding, and what information-related challenges you might encounter along the way. 


Intro to Market Research
Deanna Day, Senior Research Analyst at SBTDC

Knowing your market is essential for advancing your technology and growing your business. Dig into the basics of conducting a market landscape analysis, and discover resources you can turn to during your research. This talk will focus on secondary market research.

Insights into the Future of Knowledge Management
Eddie Gomez, Licensing Manager at SpringerNature

Is your company effectively managing its knowledge from research to IP output? Gain insight into how to increase the discoverability of information within your organization, and learn how new developments in knowledge management can help your company predict trends and discover content.


Morning break


Surveying the Competitive Landscape through a Bibliometric Lens
Dr. Nick Mitchell, Ph.D., Clarivate Analytics

Research Intelligence promises that analysis of historical research data can tell us something meaningful about the future. The phrase “Research Intelligence” invokes visions of dashboards sewn with bar plots, radar diagrams, and tables. But too often this vision becomes a mirage, not actionable insight. This session introduces participants to the data, tools, statistics, visualizations, and limitations of using bibliometrics to evaluate their respective market landscape. Sample cases will illustrate how bibliometric analysis can be used to identify new competitors, new collaborators, and emerging opportunities.

Medical Literature Monitoring for Life Sciences: Creating a Literature Review Process to Ensure Maximum Efficiency
Bill Kivett, Director of Product Management for Dialog Solutions
Penny Doane-Setzer, Literature Monitoring Specialist at ProQuest

When monitoring medical literature for regulatory requirements, drug safety staff may spend more time managing the process than reviewing patient safety issues. At this session, you'll learn the fundamentals of literature monitoring, as well as best practices and tools to manage your entire drug safety workflow.


Lunch (provided)


Selecting the Right Research Methodology
Nicole Camara, Science and Medicine Group

In this talk, you will learn how to select the right market research methodology based on your product's evolution and budget. Learn when and why to use DIY research tools, secondary research, benchmark research, quantitative research, and qualitative research.

The Importance of Using Trusted Research Journals

In recent years, the growth of global research output and the expansion of various publishing business models have led to a rise in the number of newly launched journals, including titles that could be considered predatory. The rise of new predatory journals is partly driven by the increasing pressure on researchers to publish, to secure funding and to advance their careers. We will cover the importance of high-quality content, how to identify predatory and poor quality journals, and steps you can take to ensure your team is building their research from trustworthy sources. 


Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Change the Way We Approach Large, Complex Research Questions
Michelle Cawley, Head of Clinical Academic and Research Engagement, UNC Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library

In this session, we will uncover how machine learning and clustering algorithms can be used to transform the way researchers approach large, complex searches. When faced with a research question that requires a comprehensive search likely to generate thousands or tens of thousands of results, machine learning can be used to refine the research topic, remove duplicate records, prioritize results, and reveal hidden information. After providing an overview of basic concepts, we will discuss real world applications using bibliographic data and consider applications for other large datasets.

Improving Information Literacy in Biotech Companies
Chappy Floyd, Vice President of Discovery Innovation, Corporations at EBSCO Information Services

The research landscape is rapidly changing. Technology is no longer a separate object, but an embedded way of life. Understand how your employees are searching for and evaluating information. Learn techniques for vetting information, and discover new research tools that can help your biotech company get the job done. 


Afternoon break


Search Smarter, Not Harder: Advanced Searching with Google and Pubmed
Allison Cruise, Research Associate at NCBiotech
Matt Zimo, Web Administrator at NCBiotech

Learn how to fine tune your web searches in Google and PubMed with Boolean operators, search syntax and other tools. In this session, some of NCBiotech's information professionals will share their favorite hints and tips for finding critical information faster and easier.

Describe, Define and Target your Market with Epidemiological Data
Karin Shank, Senior Research Analyst at NCBiotech

Telling your story requires a complete understanding of the epidemiology, demographics and related trends in your patient-customer population. This session will provide some tips and resources for finding and using this key information.



Thank you to our exhibitors for their support of Informing Innovation. 

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Combine literature review services with our Dialog content, Alerts Manager, Drug Safety Triager and PinPoint databases, you get an end-to-end, outsourced solution that makes us an ideal strategic partner.

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EBSCO Information Services is the leading provider of information resources for institutions including discovery, journal and e-package services, research databases, e-books, digital archives, healthcare resources, corporate resources and more. EBSCO serves the research needs of academic institutions, schools and public libraries plus hospitals and medical institutions, corporations and government agencies.

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Elsevier is a global information analytics business that helps institutions and professionals advance healthcare, open science and improve performance for the benefit of humanity. Elsevier works to make analysis easier for everyone working in science and medicine, enabling them to manage their work more efficiently and spend more time making breakthroughs.

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Science and Medicine Group is a leading research and advisory firm serving the life science, analytical instrument, diagnostic, healthcare, radiology, and dental industries. Science and Medicine Group helps build and connect products and brands by producing market research reports and offering customized advisory and research services.

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Springer Nature is a world leading research, educational and professional publisher, providing quality content to its communities through a range of innovative platforms, products and services. Every day, around the globe, Springer Nature's imprints, books, journals and resources reach millions of people – helping researchers, students, teachers & professionals to discover, learn and achieve more.

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Registration is $35.

Lunch is included. Same-day registration is welcome.

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$35. Lunch is included.
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