Sara Imhof

Sara Imhof, Ph.D.

Vice President, Focused Initiative Team

Department: Focused Initiatives

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Sara Imhof, Ph.D., is a Senior Director overseeing the North Carolina Precision Health Collaborative (NCPHC) within the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

The NCPHC facilitates a cohesive public-private coalition that leverages North Carolina’s vibrant life science ecosystem. The state precision medicine assets include world class research universities and biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, data analytics and healthcare IT companies. Our scientists, business professionals and policy makers understand the molecular, environmental and behavioral factors that underlie health, disease, and treatment response.  

With these assets, we strongly believe the NCPHC can foster innovation in precision medicine technologies and their broad application to populations across the state. In the process, we’ll improve the health of North Carolinians, catalyze innovations, and create a culture of precision health. New companies will draw investment capital to the state and create new jobs. Imhof’s role is to catalyze this transformation for North Carolina.

Imhof formerly served as the Director of Education and Grassroots Advocacy for The Concord Coalition.  Prior to working with the Coalition, she served as Senior Analyst, Health Care, at the Government Accountability Office.  She also served as the Executive Director of the Iowa Counties Public Health Association, and Assistant to the Director for the Center for Macular Degeneration at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, a Masters of Arts degree in Health Promotion, and a Doctorate in Health Management and Policy, at the University of Iowa.

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