Eastern Region Advisory Committee

The following community leaders donate their time and expertise to shape the growth of life science in the Eastern Region of North Carolina.

  • Chair: H. L. (Steve) Stephenson, III, Attorney, Ward & Smith, P. A.

  • Bill Bullock, Senior Vice President, Statewide Operations and Economic Development, North Carolina Biotechnology Center

  • Rod Gurganus, Beaufort County Extension Director, North Carolina State University

  • Flint Harding, Director, Business Development, Avoca, Inc.

  • Phillip Hodges (Phil), Manager, Nano Ventures, LLC

  • Dr. Loren Limberis, Ph.D., Director, Eastern Region Pharma Center and Associate Professor, Engineering, East Carolina University

  • Mark Phillips, Executive Director, Eastern Office, Vice President Statewide Operations, North Carolina Biotechnology Center

  • Carl Rees, Senior Economic Developer, ElectriCities of North Carolina

  • Mike Renn, Pharmaceutical Consultant, Pitt Community College

  • Vann Rogerson, Senior Vice President, NCEast Alliance

  • Edmund (Ed) Stellwag, Ph.D., Director, Genomics Core Facility and Associate Professor, Department of Biology, East Carolina University

  • Christy Weeks, Director of Biotechnology, Pitt Community College

For questions or more information, contact:
Mark Phillips
Vice President, Statewide Operations and Executive Director, Eastern Regional Office Statewide Offices 252-328-9982 | mark_phillips@ncbiotech.org

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