Biotechnology recruiting from North Carolina's highly skilled workforce

North Carolina has more than 63,000 directly employed life science professionals.

Those workers are evenly distributed across R&D companies, manufacturing sites, and CROs. Search for life science professionals on our jobs board or recruit by posting a job.

NCBiotech also runs a jobs network to link hiring managers directly with talent. Contact Susan Lankford for more information on employer-specific resources.

Across North Carolina, we make industry-tailored worker training a top priority. We’re proud of our unique climate of partnership between industry and education. It's the basis of our Pfizer-NCBiotech Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship in Gene Therapy. Contact Laura Rowley to discuss your business' unique talent needs.

"We came to North Carolina for the workforce, and we've been able to hire extremely talented people. It's a truly powerful experience to get them in a room together. This state has so much to offer. We look forward to hiring more North Carolinians."

-Andy Sheldon, former CEO, Medicago USA


NCBioImpact brings together key partners to meet the needs of the state’s pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing companies. Training partners include the North Carolina community colleges, facilities at our State universities, including BTEC and BRITE, facilities.

NCBIO ensures that industry has a part in developing training. And Golden LEAF, a statewide foundation that dispenses funds from a legal settlement with tobacco companies, contributed more than $70 million to the consortium.

Ongoing funding is provided by the North Carolina General Assembly.