Current Life Sciences Professionals

NCBiotech provides various resources to help current professionals grow in their careers.

  • Job Board: NCBiotech’s Career Center connects highly skilled talent with open positions at North Carolina companies. Job seekers can apply for jobs and upload their resumes in the portal for employers to view.

  • Career Development Network: NCBiotech's Career Development Network is a resource for life sciences professionals interested in networking and exploring local job opportunities. The network can help you connect face-to-face with professionals in your sector, learn important job search skills for today’s market and meet other life sciences job seekers, recruiters, and company representatives. Free in-person and virtual networking events are held. 

  • Career Fairs: Visit NCBiotech’s Events Calendar to find career fairs and upcoming life sciences-related events. Additionally, NCBioNetwork hosts career fairs multiple times per year.

  • Bio Jobs Hub: Bio Jobs Hub is a resource that provides information on job opportunities in the life sciences. The website includes job openings, a map to identify hiring companies near you, and information on local training for upskilling.

  • Exchange Groups: Exchange groups are communities of academic, government, and other life sciences professionals who gather to discuss scientific topics, network, find potential partners, and create new ideas. Exchange group events include local discussion groups and provide informational seminars from experts.

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