An Inside View: A Website Transformation

Last week, NCBiotech went live with a new website. As anyone who has launched a website knows, it is a long process capped by a few days of frenzied activity. We’d like to thank our partner Trone Brand Energy for dealing with us through the calm and the frenzy.

A new website really isn’t news in 2017, but our new message is worth talking about: Transformation.

The business that we work in is transformative. Life science solves problems that help to feed people, provide a decent living, and treat or cure diseases and disorders. Overall, the aim is to improve our quality of life.

NCBiotech’s work is also transformative. We started in the 1980s with a mission to transform North Carolina’s economy to include the then-futuristic tools of biotechnology. Now, we have more than 650 life science companies employing 63,000 people statewide. More importantly, the full impact of this industry provides 5 percent of the state’s total employment.

We’ve used the transformation theme to organize the content of our new website, and we’ve included a transformation section as well. You can still easily find information on our funding programs and our jobs services. Networking groups and the calendar are grouped in the same section. We’ve created a new one for physical spaces, like our conference center and newly named coworking space.

All of the expertise you’ve come to expect from the team at NCBiotech is grouped under Resources tab. We’ve streamlined our sector pages to group resources and the latest information together. Finally, we’ve added a section that explains how NCBiotech is transforming the life sciences -- and North Carolina.

Take a look around and let us know what you think. We hope you have a transformative experience!

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