Seminar on PacBio sequencing and Dovetail Genomics

Dove Tail & PacBio

1. Building the Best Genomes on Earth. Mark Daly, Dovetail Genomics
2. SMRT Sequencing: A Foundation for Discovery. Emily Hatas, PacBio

Key Takeaways:

  • Recent SMRT® Sequencing updates improve de novo genome assemblies, microbial multiplexing, structural variant detection, and isoform discovery
  • Phase SNPs and SVs, confirm gene editing events, and discern gene linkage for a complete view of genetic diversity
  • Scaffold PacBio draft assemblies to full chromosomes using Dovetail™️ Chicago™️ and Hi-C technologies with HiRise™️ software
  • Explore the 3-D regulatory genome using Dovetail™️ Hi-C for TAD analysis
  • Uncover any class of structural variant on an unbiased, genome-wide scale using Dovetail™️ Hi-C libraries and Selva™️ software

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Emily Hatas


NC Biotech

Hamner Conference Center

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