Industrial Internship Program

Industrial Internship Program

NCBiotech created the Industrial Internship Program (IIP) in 2012. The program provides internship opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students and recent graduates in business administration or the life sciences.

These internships provide real-world work experience, critical to helping students transition to careers in the state’s life science sector. Participating companies can gain valuable assistance with a broad range of product development and business development activities.

Since inception, the Industrial Internship Program has awarded $209,000, sponsoring 70 internship opportunities at 40 different life science companies and organizations. (See our past awards database for details.)

For other inquiries about the NCBiotech Industrial Internship Program, please email

Company Process

Company Process

Whether you are a startup seeking help with your business plan, a medical device company doing prototype development, a CRO conducting clinical trials, or a pharmaceutical company preparing to launch a new product, we can help you hire the right intern with the right experience.

We award grants of up to $3,000 per company per year; award recipients use these funds to hire an intern for a minimum of 120 hours over the spring or summer - roughly 10 hours per week. Grant recipients are also required to submit a final report documenting work performed by the intern.

We solicit company applications every year beginning in January. If you'd like to be included on our mailing list, please email The application form is two pages long, and it includes basic information about your company, the project or scope of work for the intern, and the desired qualifications of the intern.

The best applications are those that define a clear project or set of activities that will have a significant impact on the company, and that will provide valuable, hands-on work experience for the intern. We seek to provide a diverse set of opportunities for interns across the state, whether they have training in science, engineering, or business.

After selecting participating companies, we post all IIP opportunities to our jobs board, using the description submitted by each company on their application form. We also promote the positions to university career centers and graduate programs across the state. We collect applications as they come in and forward them to the companies. The companies then interview candidates and make the final hiring decision. Note that interns are employees or contractors of the company; they are not employed by the Biotechnology Center.

While IIP grants are limited to $3,000, companies are encouraged to supplement the intern's salary to create full-time positions. Internships can also extend beyond the initial 12-week period, if appropriate to the project and the intern's schedule.

Companies can identify their own qualified candidates and use IIP funds to hire them; however, we prefer that companies direct all interested candidates to apply through our jobs board, rather than directly to the company.

We want interns to gain experience working directly with an on-site supervisor. While there may be rare cases in which an intern could work remotely (for example, a day spent conducting research at a library), we do not allow IIP sponsored interns to work from home.

Intern Application Process

Intern Application Process

IIP internships are a great way to gain real-world work experience in North Carolina's biotechnology industry. Some IIP internships are designed for undergraduate business or science majors while others are geared toward MBA students, Ph.D. students, or postdoctoral fellows. The qualifications vary by position and are defined by each participating company. Please read each job post for details.

IIP opportunities are posted to our jobs board at the end of January and then shared on Facebook and Twitter. Please create an account and search the employment type field for Intern for a complete list of internships available through the program.

To apply, send an email to and attach a résumé and cover letter. Be sure to indicate which position you are applying for. You may apply for more than one internship. Make sure to indicate this in your email.

Although some participating companies cannot hire foreign students, we have no restrictions for the program and encourage all students residing in North Carolina to apply.

These IIP opportunities are only available in the spring and summer. Companies use our jobs board throughout the year to post internships. You can also search our company directory for companies in your area that may be looking for interns.

All IIP internships are paid through grants from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

Program Timeline

IIP internships run during the spring and summer each year. Exact dates for 2022:

  • Beginning of open applications for interested companies - January 30
  • Companies selected and internships posted - February 7
  • Internship application deadline - March 7
  • 2022 Final Report Form - 30 days from the end of the internship

"The internship had an amazing appeal for my biomedical career. Not only was the company a great fit in regards to the people, culture, and internship responsibilities, but it was an incredible experience to further my learning within the field."

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