BATON Referral Network

The BATON Referral Network is a community of life science professionals committed to the growth of North Carolina-based companies.

These service providers and CEO candidates represent a vast array of business and technical expertise, and were prequalified by NCBiotech. Service providers pledge to contribute services or provide preferential pricing for referrals coming through the BATON network database.

There is no cost to qualified Service Providers to participate in the BATON program.  However, participating Service Providers are expected to offer some or all of their services for referrals coming through the BATON network database under one or more of the following terms: pro bono, discounted, at cost, deferred, fixed cost, service for equity.

Search our BATON database below.

chanl.unc.eduCrystallography, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR;Imaging & Microdissection;Nanotechnology
Electron microscopy with EDS, AFM, photolithography, reactive ion etch, thin film deposition, hot embossing, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, atomic layer deposition, cryo-ultramicrotome, XRD, FTIR, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR;Other -omics & Analytical
Mass Spectrometry, NMR Spectroscopy, X-ray Crystallography, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR;Other -omics & Analytical
NMR; small molecule NMR; natural-products NMR; biomolecular NMR; biomolecular structure and dynamics
AJC Legal Services
After 25+ years as a leader in computational biology research, I chose to get a JD. While I have been an executive or founder in four biotech startups, people have trouble dealing with chimerism, I am scientist as well as patent attorney.
Intellectual Property, Bioinformatics, - CEO Candidate -, Corporate Legal, Data Management, Licensing & Technology Transfer
President and CEO
CWIK Business Connections
Connie Cwik is a Consultant and Executive Coach. Connie works well with C-level clients all the way to the managerial level. Helping people grow as individuals and in their careers is her passion and her why.
- CEO Candidate -, Business Development, Business Mentoring, Contract Research (CRO), Human Resources, Information Technology, Regulatory Affairs, Sales & Marketing
Global experience in drug and device clinical development/safety monitoring, business development, regulatory interactions and public-private partnerships;board-certified neurologist/epileptologist;patient advocate; clinical and industry consultant
- CEO Candidate -, Board Development, Business Development, Clinical Development, Education & Training, Government Relations & Policy, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Technology & Product Development
Managing Partner
Verta Life Sciences LLC
An International Consulting and Product Management Company that Delivers Innovative Solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Industry. Please see our website for a complete list of our services.
- CEO Candidate -, Chemistry, Clinical Development, Compliance, Engineering/Instrumentation, Licensing & Technology Transfer, Manufacturing, Operations, Quality Assurance & Control, Regulatory Affairs, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Product Development
Principal Consultant
AptaChem Consulting LLC
Experienced drug discovery professional, medicinal/organic chemistry, pharmaceutical/agricultural/personal care chemistry, discovery CRO management, lab operations, IP expert, technology transfer assessment & due diligence, site start-up
- CEO Candidate -, Chemistry, Contract Research (CRO), Intellectual Property, Licensing & Technology Transfer, Operations, Preclinical Development, Technology & Product Development
Senior Director of Research & Development
Clinton Health Access Initiative
Senior Director of Global Health Sciences
- CEO Candidate -, Board Development, Business Development, Business Mentoring, International Trade, Preclinical Development, Technology & Product Development
Bryn Pharma LLC
Accomplished global Pharma/CRO/Biotech executive who has built, developed and grown international businesses. Experienced in startup & turn-around, global R&D, clinical development, commercial operations, BusDev, and enabling technologies.
- CEO Candidate -, Bioinformatics, Board Development, Business Development, Business Mentoring, Clinical Development, Contract Research (CRO), Information Technology, Licensing & Technology Transfer, Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Preclinical Development, Reimbursement, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Product Development
Vice President, Clinical Development
PRA Health Sciences
Drug development executive specializing in early clinical development, especially oncology and immunology. Broad background in both biotech and CRO.
- CEO Candidate -, Clinical Development, Contract Research (CRO), Medical Affairs, Operations
President and Principal Consultant
Edgerton Data Consulting LLC
Edgerton Data Consulting assists pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device company sponsors with CRO selection and clinical trials oversight to ensure data management, biostatistics, and CDISC deliverables are timely, complete, and accurate.
Clinical Development, Contract Research (CRO), Data Management, Regulatory Affairs
Chief Scientific Officer
PharPoint Research Inc. (Wilmington)
Biostatistician; biostatistical approaches to clinical study design
Clinical Development, Contract Research (CRO), Data Management, Medical Writing
Fisher Broyles LLP
PhD patent attorney with more than fifteen years of in-house and private practice experience across a range of technologies, including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, recombinant DNA and proteins, and medical devices
Intellectual Property
Alpha Nano Tech LLC
CEO at Alpha Nano Tech LLC, a high-tech CRO company involved in the frontal research and development of nanomaterials and exosomes in compliance with FDA GLP/cGMP regulations.
Chemistry, Contract Research (CRO), Manufacturing, Preclinical Development, Quality Assurance & Control
I help small businesses navigate the SBIR and STTR grant application process to the NIH. Services include strategy and planning, organizing documents, substantive review and editing of applications to most effectively address the scoring criteria.
Grants & Technical Writing, Preclinical Development
Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Corporate Legal, Intellectual Property, Licensing & Technology Transfer
Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development
NovaQuest Capital Management LLC
Life science executive with 20 years experience in corporate and business development, commercial strategy and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
Sales & Marketing, Market Research, Business Development, - CEO Candidate -
Managing Partner
YP2M HealthTech CoLab
One Service Solution: Providing a pre qualified science, medical, textile and emerging biz collaboration team in one service solution, packaged for founders and emerging corporations to commercialize health tech products including wearables.
- CEO Candidate -, Board Development, Business Mentoring, Business Development, Clinical Development, Compliance, Human Resources, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Manufacturing, Market Research, Medical Affairs, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Product Development
Patent Attorney
Carla Gannon Law
Patent preparation, prosecution & enforcement; Patent searches; Patentability, infringement and validity opinions; Due diligence; Trademarks and copyrights.
Intellectual Property & Genomics
Roche 454, Illumina, SOLiD
Non-Duke samples are taken on a space-available basis. & Genomics
High-throughput sequencing using lllumina and LifeTech platforms, DNA sequencing (Sanger) and genotyping. Automated pipelines for nucleic extraction from tissues and high-throughput processing of samples using robotic liquid handling. & Genomics
DNA and RNA quality analysis; nucleic acid sample preparation; DNA amplification; DNA sequencing; next-gen sequencing using the Ion Proton & Genomics
DNA sequencing, DNA fragment analysis, Q-PCR
Open to outside users collaborating with UNCW investigators. & Genomics
DNA sequencing, microsatellite analysis, SNP detection & Genomics
Microbiome profiling including assistance with experimental design, sample collection, sample processing, amplicon, metagenomic and metatranscriptomic sequencing. We also provide access to the NanoString technology for gene expression profiling.
Open to support research by Duke faculty, including their research collaborations with external scientists. & Genomics
Illumina, GWAS, microarray, DNA methylation, DNA copy number, TaqMan genotyping, single-cell, scRNAseq, 10x Genomics, scATACseq, CITE-seq
Genetics & Genomics
Capillary electrophoresis, DNA extraction, Genotyping, Marker-assisted selection (MAS), Real-time PCR & Genomics;Model Systems
Animal model design, CRISPR, knockout, knock-in & transgenic animals, ES cell gene targeting, blastocyst microinjection, pronuclear microinjection, targeting vector & transgene construction, ES cell derivation, model breeding & Genomics;Model Systems;Viral Vectors
project design, molecular biology, Viral Vectors, ES Cell Targeting, Zygote Injections, Blastocyst Injections