US Biostimulants Summit to Kick Off in Raleigh

This week leaders in the life sciences are gathering in Raleigh for US Biostimulants Summit 2023. The event will concentrate on the biostimulant industry’s focus on increasing crop yields and protecting plant growth. The agenda features presentations and discussions on current biostimulant market conditions, improving the production supply chain, and strategies for streamlining the product lifecycUS Biostimulants Conf 2023le, among others.

The event will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday at the DoubleTree by Hilton Raleigh Crabtree Valley. 

The Summit is just one of many events around biostimulants and biocontrol being held in North Carolina in the coming year, says Paul Ulanch, senior director, focused initiatives at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. This fall, the Triangle will host the BIO Impact Ag and Environment Conference and the Global Engage Biostimulant and Gene Editing Congresses. Additional conferences are scheduled for next year. 

Paul Ulanch, NCBiotech
Paul Ulanch, NCBiotech

“The number of events being held in North Carolina around these themes illustrate the importance of our state as an innovation hub for biostimulants and biocontrol research and products,” said Ulanch. “A growing number of companies from around the world are leveraging the state’s ag tech ecosystem to gain access to talent, research, greenhouse infrastructure, and collaboration opportunities with other companies in this sector.”

Events like the Biostimulants Summit also highlight the demand for natural solutions to growing crop yields. “Some farmers are willing to purchase products that maximize the yield on the crops they are growing but would prefer to use biological-based natural solutions,” Ulanch pointed out.

Many biotech companies across the state want to meet this demand. Novozymes, Syngenta and Verdesian are just a few of the North Carolina-based companies researching and producing biostimulants to increase crop yields. AgBiome, Vestaron, Innatrix and MicroPep are some of the companies in the field of biocontrol, which focuses on preventing negative pest impacts on crops through the use of biological-based solutions such as peptides and whole microbes.

View a list of upcoming life sciences events on NCBiotech’s calendar.

Mindy Hamlin, NCBiotech Writer
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