Development of a First in Class Topical Small Molecule Therapeutic for Unmet Clinical Needs in Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy and Atopic Dermatitis

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TRPblue, Inc.
Award Date
Award Amount
Program Name
Small Business Research Loan
Program Category
Business Financing
Principal Investigator
Barney Koszalka
Fiscal Year
Research Triangle
Project Description: TRPblue is developing TB16-8, a small molecule dual inhibitor of the TRPV4 and TRPA1 ion channels which has demonstrated efficacy in vivo in models of skin pain, inflammation and itch. The drug will first be developed as a therapy for peripheral neuropathy pain and, secondarily, as a therapy for atopic dermatitis. TRPblue will use the SRL funds to help fund IND-enabling studies.
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