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Flash Grants

The Flash Grant program aims to identify and energize creative ideas that exhibit early indications of commercial potential. Like a flash of inspiration, Flash Grants infuse a quick jolt of funding at a critical early point when a small, targeted influx of funds can be crucial to shaping innovative research ideas into high potential life sciences technologies.

Flash Grants support short, tightly focused research projects that are designed to:

    · Demonstrate the disruptive potential of a life sciences technology
    · Prepare a technology for translational development 

This solicitation is open to proposals focused on topics related to the Agricultural Bioeconomy of North Carolina, except consumer products, and/or mobile apps. 

The agricultural bioeconomy is defined broadly as “the use of biotechnology tools (such as precision fermentation, bioprocessing, or marker-assisted breeding and genetic engineering) to develop or produce food and beverages, fiber, biomass, and other agricultural products.”

Specifically, for this cycle of the Flash Grant program, agricultural bioeconomy topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   ·  Plant breeding (traditional or molecular) for increased nutritional value or specific traits 
    ·  Plant-based food and beverage products 
    ·  Plant-based production systems for clothing and industrial materials 
    ·  Precision fermentation of both plant and animal proteins and nutrients for food formulations or 
    ·  Marine-based culture, harvest, and processing for food and beverage or medicinal 
    ·  Animal cell culture-associated processes and products for food 
    ·  Sustainable (plant-based) alternatives to animal cell culture media components and growth factors 
    ·  Precision fermentation optimization and process improvements for food and beverage or medicinal 
    ·  Fermentation of algae and microalgae for food and beverage products or medicinal products 
    ·  Pollinator health, disease, and pollination effectiveness 
    ·  Bioremediation of forever chemicals, hazardous materials, and/or environmental contaminants 
        (not mechanical filtration or chemical capture) 
    ·  Agriculture and animal waste conversion technologies 
    ·  Metabolic engineering for manufacturing bioproducts 

Funds are available to researchers at any North Carolina university or non-profit research institute.

Flash Grant FAQs are found here: www.ncbiotech.org/grant-faq

Application Materials

The application materials for the Flash Grant Program (Cycle 1) are listed below:

How to Submit your Proposal:

Important First Step: The Principal Investigator for the proposal must register for an account on the NCBiotech Funding Portal in advance of the deadline to submit a proposal. 

Click here for instructions and more information.

Type: Grant | Category: Research and Tech

Flash Grants

Maximum Award: 
(with an intern supplement for non-R1 universities)

(without an intern supplement for R1 universities)

FY25 Deadlines:

Cycle 1
Wednesday, September 11, 2024 (noon)

Cycle 2
Wednesday, December 4, 2024 (noon)

Cycle 3
Wednesday, March 19, 2025 (noon)

For questions or more information, contact:
Michelle Collins, MPA, CRA, CPRA
Director, Grant Process Operations
Science and Technology Development
(919) 549-8845 | michelle_collins@ncbiotech.org

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