Why Vaccines Matter: From Laboratory to Clinic to Community

The program will highlight the New Technologies in Vaccines chapter in the Rx for Science Literacy curriculum manual (provided at no cost) and feature talks from Wake Forest School of Medicine researchers about why vaccines matter, current topics in vaccine research, clinical perspectives, and more.

About the Curriculum: 

With generous support from the Biogen Foundation, NCABR and a team of science writers, biomedical researchers, and curriculum developers comprehensively updated and expanded the Rx for Science Literacy curriculum manual in 2020. The revised curriculum includes a comprehensive update of all content, statistics, and charts. The manual also consists of various new activities, resources, interviews with real-world scientists, and a new section on CRISPR and CRISPR technology. 


Wake Forest University School of Medicine

475 Vine Street 

Winston-Salem, NC 27612

No Cost
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