One Million Genomes: From Discovery to Health (G1)

Keystone Symposium presents One Million Genomes: From Discovery to Health (G1) on June 4 - 8 in Hannover, Germany.

The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 has catalyzed innovations in scientific research and in healthcare embodied in the term “precision medicine.” Across the globe, many nations are investing in large-scale national sequencing cohort programs, resulting in over one million human genomes sequenced and linked to dense phenotypic and clinical data.

This Keystone Symposia conference will bring together scientists and leaders from healthcare and industry to discuss how to maximize the value of that investment for human health. It will assemble a unique and highly interdisciplinary international community to articulate how best to use these data-rich resources to provide novel insights into the biology of disease, tools for the management of patients and population health management strategies.

Scientific Organizers: Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Teri Manolio and Patrick Boon Ooi Tan

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Herrenhausen Palace
Herrenhäuser Straße 4
Hannover, 30419

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