Hands-On cGMP Biomanufacturing Operations Course

Why should you attend?

To obtain a basic knowledge of biomanufacturing operations and how cGMP requirements are implemented at commercial scale. Engage in pilot-scale laboratory experiences that examine process utilities, media and solution preparation, bioreactor operation, centrifugation, chromatography, and tangential flow filtration in a simulated commercial cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

Attend and you will learn

  • How cGMP expectations are met in a biomanufacturing facility
  • How clean process utilities are produced
  • To prepare sterile fermentation media and solutions required for downstream processing
  • To clean, prepare, and operate bioreactors, centrifuges, chromatography systems, and tangential flow filtration systems
  • Basic principles underlying the unit operations for production of biologics
  • How to monitor and/or manipulate control parameters that result in a process that meets production expectations