Cell Culture Engineering: A Single-Use Perspective Course

In this three-day course, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the growth and
production of CHO cells. You'll get hands-on experience with a bench-scale stirred tank bioreactor, a rocker-bag bioreactor, and a 50-L single-use bioreactor. You'll learn about cell culture media, inoculum, cell banking, GMP requirements for upstream mammalian cell culture, scale up, single-use bioreactor versus stainless steel bioreactor design, and the use of DOE and data analysis in cell culture development.


Attend and you will learn

  • Design of animal cell culture bioreactors, including suspension and immobilized cell bioreactors, conventional stainless steel stirred tanks, and disposable (single-use) bioreactors
  • Advantages and disadvantages of single-use technologies relative to multi-use equipment
  • Pros and cons for bioreactor types (rocker, stirred tank, microcarrier) and strategies (batch, fed-batch, perfusion)
  • Setup and operation of single-use options for upstream manufacturing (rocker, stirred tank and perfusion)
  • Setup and operation of a stainless steel bioreactor
  • Advanced automation and control of animal cell culture processes, including bioreactor PAT
  • Basic cost calculations to compare single-use options to more traditional multi-use set ups, to provide justification for single-use technologies

NC State University

Centennial Campus

850 Oval Drive

Raleigh NC, 27695