AgBio+AgTech—Plant Based and Clean Meat with Good Food Institute

Are you looking for opportunities in the alternative protein space? Wondering why big companies like Tyson and Perdue are pouring money into something other than broiler house operations? Maybe the BeyondMeat IPO inspired you or got you thinking about how you can leverage your expertise to help build a more diverse and sustainable protein future. Alternative protein innovators and investors, the convinced and the curious will want to join Michael Fotinatos of the Good Food Institute for a glimpse into Plant-Based Protein and Clean Meat future.

Event is hosted by AgBio+AgTech Meet-up group and sponsored by Unbound Coworking.


5:00-5:10pm Arrival at Durty Bull Brewery in Durham (courtesy of Unbound
Coworking )
5:10pm Introduction of Speaker and Talk
5:15-5:55pm Speaker: Michael Fotinatos
Strategic Implementation Specialist
The Good Food Institute
5:55pm Networking


Durty Bull Brewing Company
206 Broadway St #104
Durham, NC