2018 Virginia SMART Farming Conference: Using Controlled Environment Agriculture

From farms to greenhouses to warehouses, controlled environment agriculture is growing in the field of agriculture. Join academic and industry experts for this one-day event focused on the latest advances in protected culture, sensor technology, lighting, computer vision, automation, and vertical farming. Hear from technical experts as well as producers who have been successful in incorporating controlled environment agriculture into their business models.

Keynote Speaker

Neil Mattson, Ph.D.
Neil Mattson, Ph.D.
Cornell University

Special Guest Speaker

Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins



Early registration (ends September 4): $125

Late registration: $140


More Information

For sponsorship information, contact Martha Walker walker53@vt.edu.

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The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research 
150 Slayton Avenue
Danville, VA 24540

$125 to $140