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NC Agriculture & Biotechnology Summit: Event Overview

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Full Conference Program

Day One: November 18, 2014


Day One Agenda

Day One Speakers

GMO Panel Session Video

Ag Biotech Summit 2012

"Ag Biotech Dialogues: Technology and Choice", discusses and explores issues in agricultural biotechnology pertaining to new technologies, public perceptions and global food systems.  The program progresses from global market trends and challenges to discussions of obstacles and their solutions for mankind's future.  Attendees will leave with the knowledge and empowerment to take action. 


"Dinner Dialogues: The Future of Food", engages industry leaders in thought-provoking conversations that address the grand challenge of feeding the world.  This dialogue is designed to inspire leaders and citizens alike to become thoughtfully engaged as an action-oriented learning community.

Dinner Program
& Speakers


Day Two: November 19, 2014

Day Two Agenda

Day Two Speakers

Stewards of the Future 2012

“The Future of Food” explores the growing global food crisis, the challenges that must be overcome to feed the world, and the significant research taking place in NC State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to address these challenges.  The day wraps up with a participant-driven discussion session and a call to action.


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