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We make connections that create biotech jobs...

FDA OKs T3D Drug Testing

RTP biopharm startup T3D will test its Alzheimer's therapy in patients.

Contract Research ‘SuperScieNCe’ Ripe for Growth in NC

State’s 128 CROs, including world’s earliest and largest, provide leadership base poised to get even bigger and better.


Bayer CropScience Adds $67M Growth to RTP Campus

With an open house for a $33M office overhaul and groundbreaking for a $34M research greenhouse, Bayer keeps with growth plans.

The Proof’s in the Data

$73 B in economic activity. 228,000 jobs. 30.9 percent job growth. 4X the national average. However you measure growth, our life science industry has it. Read more in this report from Battelle.


CF Foundation Breathes Life Into Spyryx Drug

Durham’s Spyryx and Parion have made recent funding news with their CF therapies, as nearby Heat Biologics starts testing its therapy in lung cancer patients.


Alzheimer's Test
A Bigger Bayer
New NC Industry Numbers
CF Agreement

We make connections that create biotech jobs...


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