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We make connections that create biotech jobs...

Special Delivery: Ask Builds Good Gene 'Trucks'

NCBiotech loans & grants have helped AskBio spin out of UNC with disease-whacking gene-transfer technologies targeting a wide range of maladies, and big pharma’s buying.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Patheon is adding nearly 500 jobs to its Greenville location over the next five years. Read more about this $159M investment.


2 Days, 2 Hosts, Great Ag Biotech Summit

If you like ag and you like tech, plant yourself at the NC Agriculture & Biotechnology Summit 2014 at the McKimmon Center Nov. 18 and 19, co-hosted by NCSU and NCBiotech.

A Homegrown Hit: Argos = Jobs, RTP Factory

Duke University spinout Argos Therapeutics draws $9.5M in incentives, announces plans for 230 new jobs at 100,000-sq-ft RTP manufacturing facility.

AskBio's Truckin'
500 Jobs
Ag & Biotech Summit
Argos Builds


Certified Financial Planner Lisa Gabriel provided useful financial tips for people facing job loss during the September 29 Jobs Network gathering at... read more

We make connections that create biotech jobs...

NC's the World's Vaccine Leader

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