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AgTech Accelerator Launches First Startup with $10M Funding

The Research Triangle-based AgTech Accelerator launched its first startup, Boragen Inc. with a $10 million Series A financing Thursday.

Soil Health Technology Goes to Market

A venture-backed Cary-based plant health company says agricultural growers can maximize their investments with its patented biological, nutritional seed treatment and other technologies.

Good Earth: the Importance of Healthy Soil

NCBiotech forum speaker says need for proper land management focused on soil health to increase food production, conserve water resources, and help reduce greenhouse gases.

Get the Latest Dirt on Soil Health

Three experts on soil health will share their knowledge in a down-to-earth discussion on Wednesday, Feb. 22, at the next NC Ag Biotech Professional Forum at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

Ag Biotech Entrepreneurs to Showcase Tech

Fifth Annual Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase Set for May 10-11

By Barry Teater, NCBiotech Writer

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center scoured the planet for some of the world’s most innovative crop and animal-health companies to present at the fifth annual Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase this spring in Research Triangle Park.

Ag Biotech Showcase Companies 2017

2017 Entrepreneurial Presenting Companies:

AgBitality (new company from Ag TechInventures) (North Carolina)

Trana Discovery, Bayer Sign Fungicide Collaboration

Global agricultural giant Bayer and Cary's Trana Discovery have signed a collaboration agreement to explore ways to use Trana’s disease-fighting technology in plant-protection products.

Pining for Truffles, Mycorrhiza Biotech Achieves First Harvest

When Nancy Rosborough read an article in the Washington Post about growing truffles, a gourmet delicacy that’s normally harvested from the wild, the novel idea took root as a Burlington biotech company.


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