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NC Agriculture & Biotechnology Summit 2014

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McKimmon Center, NC State University
November 18-19, 2014

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is partnering with the College of Ag and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University to host the North Carolina Agriculture & Biotechnology Summit 2014, a joining for NCBiotech's NC Ag Biotech Summit and NCSU's Stewards of the Future. This biannual event is a convening of statewide leaders and stakeholders who are making a commitment to ensure shared thinking, coordinated activities and goals to continue growing the agriculture industry in North Carolina through biotechnology. This joint event will discuss key topics such as ag biotech products, regulation, technology advances, policy, public acceptance, and academic / industry research efforts.

Attendees will learn about the diversity of resources across the state and how those resources can be leveraged to grow the state’s agriculture and biotechnology economies, while providing a safe and abundant food supply and other renewable compounds.

The Summit aims to create a greater understanding of current ag biotech innovations and issues driving future research and commercialization in North Carolina, disseminate fact-based information to the public and media to help dispel myths and misconceptions about GMOs and other ag biotech technologies, and to further validate North Carolina’s global leadership in agricultural biotechnology.

2014 agenda, speakers, and further details coming soon, so check back often.


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SUMMIT 2012:  Highlights and Overview

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center, the North Carolina Agricultural Biotechnology Advisory Council and the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology, and Science (KIETS) would like to thank everyone who participated in the Ag Biotech Summit 2012.  With over 340 registered statewide leaders and stakeholders gathering to ensure shared thinking, coordinated activities and goals to continue growing North Carolina's ag biotech industry, it was a resounding success. The 2012 Summit provided a vision for North Carolina to continue to identify and develop strategies to maintain its global leadership position in ag biotech.  To further these discussions of Summit topics and strategies, please join the North Carolina AgBiotech LinkedIn Group.