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Ag Biotech Showcase Exhibitors

Judge's Honorable Mentions:

Each has been offered the opportunity to exhibit at the Showcase during the morning or afternoon break.  Make sure to visit them and learn more.

  • Agribody Technologies (California)
    ATI applies a proven solution to food‐sourcing problems due to ever‐growing population and decreasing farmland availability by significantly increasing crop yields. The patented gene technology also delays onset of plant senescence, while increasing resistance to diseases and sub lethal stresses such as drought, heat, cold, salt, low nutrients and crowding.

    Jerry Feitelson, Ph.D.
    Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

  • Applied LifeSciences & Systems (North Carolina)
    ALS-S is bringing automated bio-system solutions to address the poultry industry's need to satisfy growing demand for antibiotic-free meat at affordable costs, while maintaining producer's profitability and decreasing disease outbreaks. The patent pending technologies will deliver individualized care resulting in healthier, more robust chicks that can thrive in an antibiotic-free environment.

    Ramin Karimpour
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Curtiss Healthcare (Florida) **webpage coming soon**
    Curtiss Healthcare utilizes a proven platform technology to a broad set of critical health care challenges in food safety and human disease including: intelligent design of vaccine constructs offers great multi-species flexibility, target vaccine candidates with large commercial potential both animal and human, and optimize time to market by partnering early-on to expedite regulatory and commercial preparation.

    Thomas Bigger
    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Growcentia (Colorado)
    Growcentia's first product is MAMMOTH P™, the first organically derived microbial inoculant specifically designed to unlock phosphorus and micronutrients to maximize yield, enhance plant health and minimize environmental impact.

    Gregg Steinberg
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Traders Hill Farms (Florida)
    Traders Hill Farm (THF), a sustainable aquaponics farm, whose products grows faster, taste better, last longer and waste nothing. By turning fish water into plant food, THF deliver delicious, difficult-to-grow produce year-round but require zero soil, pesticide or herbicides, and THF use just ten percent of the water of traditional farms.
        **Will not be attending**

  • Venus Shell Systems (Australia)
    Venus Shell Systems Pty Ltd (VSS) has achieved the scaled production and processing of seaweed to deliver a unique, natural cell matrix product, PhycoTrix. PhycoTrix is highly consistent, traceable, safe and suitable to the formulation of clean label products. VSS recently completed a range of in vitro and human clinical trials to support claims and is currently open to next stage investment.
        **Will not be attending**

  • Yield 10 Bioscience (Massachusetts)
    Metabolix initiated a series of internal and collaborative programs targeted at increasing overall carbon fixation and seed yield in crops initially as a means to increase bioplastics production. As a result of these efforts Metabolix has exclusive rights to breakthough technologies to dramatically increase seed yield and is creating Yield10 as a spin out to commercialize these technologies.


    Oliver Peoples, Ph.D.
    Chief Executive Officer