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Center Funding

The Biotechnology Center offers funding programs, including loans and grants, to foster collaboration among researchers, educators and businesses. These are designed to leverage larger financial rewards and societal benefits, including jobs, across the state.


If the Center is closed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, proposals are due at NOON on the next business day that the Center is open.


Research Grants

Grant Description Deadlines
Biotechnology Innovation Grant

Supports studies at North Carolina research institutions that enable commercialization of early-stage university life science inventions.

Maximum request $100,000

FY 2016
Cycle 1:
July 15, 2015

Cycle 2:
February 17, 2016


Collaborative Funding Grant

Supports a university-company partnership by providing funding for a post-doctoral fellow or technician in a university laboratory who will conduct research on a project of commercial interest.

Maximum $50,000/yr.

FY 2016

Cycle 1:
July 22, 2015 (noon)

Cycle 2:
February 10, 2016 (noon)

Institutional Development Grant

Provides core equipment that will be used by multiple faculty members.

Maximum: $200,000

FY 2016

Oct. 7, 2015

Technology Enhancement Grant (TEG)

For university technology transfer offices to support research and other commercially important activities that will make a technology licensable.

Maximum: $75,000


Education Grants

Grant Description Deadlines
Education Enhancement Grant Program

Supports the design and implementation of biotechnology education programs.



Undergraduate Biotechnology Research Fellowship

Supports student research fellowships to encourage interest in and preparation for careers in biotechnology.



Biotechnology Center Business Loans

Grant Description Deadlines
Company Inception Loan (CIL)

Supports business inception and related activities that are critical to the early-stage start-up of a company.

Maximum: $75,000

Rolling deadline

Small Business Research Loan (SRL)

Assists companies by supporting applied research critical to the development of products, processes, or tools with clear commercial potential.

Maximum: $250,000


Strategic Growth Loan (SGL)

Matches Biotechnology Center loan support with angel group or venture capital investments to fund biotechnology companies that have already established technical proof-of-concept and require further corporate development support.  A maximum of two SGLs allowed per company.

Maximum: $500,000


Event & Meeting Grants

Grant Description Deadlines
Biotechnology Event Sponsorship

Supports North Carolina-based events.

Maximum: $3,000

See BES webpage for information

Biotechnology Meeting Grant

Supports national and international biotechnology meetings.

Maximum: $10,000

See BMG webpage for information