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Institutional Development Grant

Maximum Award: 

The purpose of the Institutional Development Grant program is to provide research equipment or core facilities that serve multiple investigators. Research Extensive universities* require at least six investigators; Non-research Extensive universities require at least three.

*Research Extensive universities include UNC-CH, NCSU and Duke.

Note: If your proposal has any of the following features, it will be more competitive:

  • Shows that the request is occurring within the context of an institutional initiative.
  • Involves new ideas that may lead to biotechnology breakthroughs.
  • Involves collaboration between academic and industrial scientists.
  • Strengthens regional and statewide biotechnology capabilities.

IDG Program Links

***The following is for Information Only. Updated documents will be posted prior to the FY 2015 deadline date.***

When you have your proposal materials prepared, submit your application online.