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Biotechnology Innovation Grant (BIG)

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The purpose of the Biotechnology Innovation Grant (BIG) is to support preliminary translational life science research studies that explore potential commercial applications of early-stage university inventions. These studies are often the basis for strategic "go/no-go" decision-making regarding the pursuit of intellectual property protection and/or further commercial product development. Additionally, BIG awards are intended to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture within universities and nonprofit research institutes.

The BIG provides funding that enables university researchers to explore commercial applications of their inventions through a technical research project and a concurrent commercial development project. The technical project extends the scientific research past the basic research stage. The technology must have the potential to be developed into a biotechnology or life science related commercial product.

The commercial development project is undertaken by a partner Commercial Development Adviser in close collaboration with the technical PI and examines commercial product development aspects of the technology. The commercial development project may assess the IP landscape and opportunities, analyze potential markets and competition, develop commercial product development milestones, or research other factors influencing commercial potential.

A successful BIG project can uncover technical and commercial opportunities or weaknesses; provide go/no-go decision points regarding continued development of IP claims and protection; and position the technology or invention for further commercial development. A BIG project that leads to a clear decision whether to support continued investment in further IP protection and commercialization efforts or not is considered a successful outcome.

FAQs for the BIG program are posted here.

BIG Program Application Materials
*** The following is for information only. ***

BIG Guidelines and Instructions - Cycle 2 (PDF)

Budget Form (Excel)

Bio Sketch Form (Word)

Cover Sheet (Word)

Application Checklist (Word)

When you have your proposal materials prepared, submit your application online.
(The online application will be opened in mid-June.)