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Research Funding


The next cure for an untreatable disease or improvement in a plant's ability to tolerate drought is now an idea in a scientist's mind.
Our research grant programs start with that seed of an idea and put it to the test. Successful results may yield additional funding from federal agencies and other groups.
Sometimes, it takes multiple disciplines - biology and engineering, for example - or a company/university partnership to solve a specific problem. Or a piece of state-of-the-art equipment is needed to execute the right experiment.
We help with that too.
Our grants are competitive and go through external peer review. Details on the individual programs and general information can be found on our frequently asked questions page. 
In support of the Center's AgBiotech Initiative, we encourage submissions that have an ag biotech focus for all of our research, economic development and education grant programs.

Research Grants

Grant Description Deadlines
Biotechnology Innovation Grant

Supports studies at North Carolina research institutions that enable commercialization of early-stage university life science inventions.

FY 2016
Cycle 1:
July 15, 2015

Cycle 2:
February 17, 2016


Collaborative Funding Grant

Supports a university-company partnership by providing funding for a post-doctoral fellow or technician in a university laboratory who will conduct research on a project of commercial interest.

Maximum $50,000/yr.

FY 2016

Cycle 1:
July 22, 2015 (noon)

Cycle 2:
February 10, 2016 (noon)

Institutional Development Grant

Provides core equipment that will be used by multiple faculty members.

Maximum: $200,000

FY 2016

Oct. 7, 2015

Technology Enhancement Grant (TEG)

For university technology transfer offices to support research and other commercially important activities that will make a technology licensable.

Maximum: $50,000