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NCBiotech Business Loans

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center understands the importance of emerging entrepreneurial companies to the state’s biotechnology industry. Through the Business and Technology Development Program, the Center awards low-interest loans to promising emerging life science companies across the state. These loans are designed to help recipients meet meaningful research and commercial milestones.

Please select the link associated with each loan program for specific information regarding eligibility, application procedures, and terms.

Biotechnology Center Business Loans

Grant Description Deadlines
Company Inception Loan (CIL)

Supports business inception and related activities that are critical to the early-stage start-up of a company.

Maximum: $75,000

Small Business Research Loan (SRL)

Assists companies by supporting applied research critical to the development of products, processes, or tools with clear commercial potential.

Maximum: $250,000


Strategic Growth Loan (SGL)

Matches Biotechnology Center loan support with angel group or venture capital investments to fund biotechnology companies that have already established technical proof-of-concept and require further corporate development support.  A maximum of two SGLs allowed per company.

Maximum: $500,000