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NCBiotech Welcomes DAI Global Health to the Landing Pad

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is pleased to welcome our newest Landing Pad tenant, DAI Global Health.

Welcome to the Landing Pad, Fluidigm!

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is pleased to welcome our newest Landing Pad tenant, Fluidigm.

Meetings of the Minds: NCBiotech Supports Events Statewide

Renowned regenerative medicine pioneer Anthony Atala, M.D., speaks to Regenerative Medicine Essentials, one of the NCBiotech-funded events, in Winston-Salem. -- Photo courtesy of Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

NCBiotech: A Unique Treasure for North Carolina

Daina Zeng, Ph.D.

By Daina Zeng, Ph.D., NCBiotech Guest Blogger

Despite GSK Cuts, Raise a Glass (at least) Half Full

As we weigh the GSK layoff announcement, let’s be glad for what we have and celebrate what’s to come. Sure, things will never be the same. But the fact is, they never were anyway.

Looking for help? Try Our Job Seeker Resource Database

By Rachel Krasich, Ph.D., NCBiotech research analyst intern

“Where is best place to start looking for jobs?”

“How do I improve my resume so I get noticed?”

“What do I do if I want to switch fields?”

I’ll Grant You This: It’s Not Only About the Science!

During the winter of 2013-14 I had the unique opportunity to participate in an internship at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center as a program analyst, observing the grant proposal process from the perspective of NCBiotech as a grant funding agency.

NCBiotech Jobs Network Gets the Jobs Done

Those of us who are professional scientists who want to stay in North Carolina are luckier than many job seekers because of the help and guidance provided by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. 

How may we help you?

Here are some of the many ways NCBiotech may be able to help you find the resources you need. 

Granted, Nice Things Are Happening in NC

It was a bit like trying to deliver “Tweet Notes” about a Dickens novel. I had just five minutes to tell my RTP audience how NCBiotech grants help North Carolina. That’s a tall order. We distributed more than 133 grants worth more than $8.3 million across the state in fiscal 2013 alone. Here’s how it went down the evening of December 10, 2013, during my part of an often rollicking, occasionally touching, amazingly informative Research Triangle Foundation RTP180: Philanthropy event


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