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Biotech by the Numbers



It's the bottom line for North Carolina's life science industry. And NCBiotech makes the connections that make it happen.

Take a look at the growth reflected in our bottom line.

View the full 2016 TEConomy report.

Here is a preliminary summary of the 2016 economic impact data report.

Life Science Job Growth in North Carolina

North Carolina's long-term investment in life science has paid off in jobs.

30.9 percent more jobs, 2000 - 2012. 

It's four times the national average.

And growth through two recessions.

In fact, new life science jobs account for half of the net new jobs in North Carolina.

It's good growth that serves a greater good.

A Look at the Numbers

N.C.'s 600 companies and 61,000 employees produce $73 billion in annual economic activity.


Industry Details

North Carolina consistently places in the top tier of this fiercely competitive industry. Here's a snapshot of our industry

  • 650-plus life-science companies
  • 363 research and development; 128 contract research and testing; 105 production and manufacturing; 9 others
  • Specialization in drug development; contract research and testing; ag R&D, feedstock and specialty chemicals
  • Concentration in bioscience distribution
  • Rapidly growing strengths in medical devices

Our Programs

  • NCBiotech funding and non-funding programs fill gaps in the pipeline from idea to market. 
  • Research and commercialization grants generate $28 on average for each $1 in funding
  • Biotech growth companies attract $109 for each $1 loaned by NCBiotech

View or download the entire TEConomy report.

We're proud to share these stats because they mean so much for North Carolina. Let us tell you what they mean for your company.