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Centers of Innovation

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North Carolina is richly endowed with campuses and corporations that are lauded for their innovations.

But the state has recognized that to grow nascent industry sectors of the NC economy, it must make innovation and commercialization a strategic priority. The Biotechnology Center has created the Centers of Innovation (COIs) grant program to do exactly that.

The individual COI initiatives focus on accelerating the growth of targeted industry sectors by assisting their academic and industry partners to overcome their commercialization obstacles. It is only through successful commercialization that ideas and innovations move to marketable products.

Growth of these nascent industry sectors will lead to the creation of jobs and sustainable economic development statewide. The North Carolina Biotechnology Center established the COI program with funding support from the General Assembly.

To learn more about the COI Grants Program, go to the COI Award page.

Funded COI industry sectors:

  • Advanced Medical Technology - This Center of Innovation, known as ibiliti, is now a division of the North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA)'s Strategic Partners Program.  Through their unique launchibiliti program, they help health systems identify, develop, and launch transformational innovations to benefit patients.
  • Marine Biotechnology - This Center of Innovation, the MBCOI, explores opportunities for companies to commercialize new food, fuel and health products off the state’s rich Atlantic coast.
  • Nanobiotechnology - This Center of Innovation, COIN, leverages and connects public and private sector research communities, entrepreneurs, product developers, business managers, investors and other funding sources involved in nanobiotechnology in North Carolina and beyond.
  • Personalized Medicine (planning phase) - By organizing and leveraging the state’s capabilities, resources and investments in personalized medicine and providing an organizational framework under which the stakeholders can come together, the NC Personalized Medicine Network (NC PMN) will be creating a plan to establish North Carolina as a national leader in the discovery, translation and clinical implementation of personalized medicine.

Staff at the Biotechnology Center work with university researchers,  technology transfer officers, industrial partners, nonprofit stakeholders as well as regional and statewide policymakers to shepherd the COIs into existence.

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