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BATON Referral Network

Access Biotech Industry Expertise

The BATON Referral Network is a community of life science professionals committed to the growth of North Carolina-based companies.

BATON features a searchable database of prequalified service providers and CEO candidates representing a vast array of business and technical expertise. Service providers pledge to contribute services or provide preferential pricing for referrals coming through the BATON network from registered BATON companies.

There is no cost to participate for qualifying individuals/firms.

BATON Referral Network access is limited to North Carolina residents and companies.




Join the BATON Referral Network


If your company is a North Carolina-based life science R&D company, it may be eligible to enroll in the BATON program and receive preferred pricing from service providers referred through the network.


If you or your firm offer skills or services of use to life science companies (e.g., accounting, grant writing, IP law, regulatory strategy development), we invite you to inquire about joining the BATON network.  Participants pledge to offer preferred pricing of their services to registered BATON companies.

Executive Candidates

If you are a life science professional or serial entrepreneur interested in being considered for a CEO or other executive management role with a registered BATON company, please inquire about being listed on this site.