Transformation Talks

The Inside Stories of North Carolina's Life Science World

Get behind-the-scenes perspectives on North Carolina’s vibrant life science community with Transformation Talks, the podcast produced by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

Each episode features lively interviews with key people who are living in and leading the $83.3 billion sector as it changes and grows. Learn about NCBiotech’s 35-year history of transforming the state into a place of global life science leadership, now with more than 735 companies employing 66,000 people.  

Host Jim Shamp asks the experts to explain what they do and how they do it, in creating a successful life science ecosystem.

We explore what’s on the horizon. What role North Carolina will play in emerging sectors such as precision health, gene and cell therapies, and the convergence of big data with ag tech and health care. We also talk about some of our creative new workforce training initiatives that are designed to feed pharmaceutical manufacturing talent pipeline.

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The View from Inside North Carolina’s Life Sciences Startup Ecosystem

Episode 5

North Carolina has a diverse, vibrant and supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs in the life sciences. It’s based on top-notch science, a highly skilled workforce, experienced business leaders, and a head-turning commitment to collaboration. Take a seat with Vivian Doelling, vice president of emerging company development at NCBiotech, and Joan Siefert Rose, CEO of the Triangle’s portion of the vibrant national support organization known as LaunchBio. As NCBiotech PR Director Jim Shamp tosses questions, they talk about the landscape they see, and provide practical advice on attracting funding and overcoming challenges. Learn how North Carolina’s university researchers, angel investors, venture capital funding, and new business models are contributing to this unique startup ecosystem.

Note: This podcast was recorded in February 2020. NCBiotech and LaunchBio remain committed to North Carolina’s startup community given its importance in addressing key challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and other significant human health needs.

North Carolina Workforce Development

Episode 4

As North Carolina’s life science communities grow, a key concern is having enough qualified workers to fill positions requiring specialized skills. NCBiotech is tackling this issue with new programs focused on providing veterans and high school students with career pathways to pharma/biomanufacturing. These programs strive to match highly qualified veterans and students with unfilled positions at the state’s pharma and biopharma companies.

Note: This podcast was recorded in early March 2020. NCBiotech remains committed to ensuring a qualified pharma/biomanufacturing workforce given its importance in addressing the challenges brought on by the COVID19 pandemic and other significant human health needs.

Veterans’ Portal: https://www.ncbiotech.org/talent-and-careers/veterans-portal

NCBiotech Jobs Board: https://ncbcjobs.ncbiotech.org/

Pharmaceutical Services Network: https://www.ncpsn.com/

NC Community Colleges Offering Life Science Programs: https://www.ncbionetwork.org/life-science-degree-programs

Mark Phillips: Mark_Phillips@ncbiotech.org

Elizabeth Ellis: Elizabeth_Ellis@ncbiotech.org

Here's how one veteran Marine views NCBiotech's Veterans Outreach Program.

North Carolina Life Sciences 2025

Episode 3

NCBiotech President and CEO Doug Edgeton shares his vision and thoughts on the stakeholders, leadership, funding, and resources required to achieve the 5-year vision. North Carolina will focus on building infrastructure, fueling its talent pipeline, attracting investments, communicating its strengths and forming new partnerships.

35th Anniversary Part II

Episode 2

The second episode of "Transformation Talks" from NCBiotech continues the conversation with Dr. Charles Hamner, Jr. and Bill Bullock about the creation of the Biotech Center and its impact on North Carolina's life science community. 

35th Anniversary Part I

Episode 1

The first podcast from NCBiotech gives listeners an insight into its inception from two of the organization's greatest influencers and advocates. Hear Dr. Charles Hamner, Jr. and Bill Bullock discuss what the development of NCBiotech meant for North Carolina's budding life science community.

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